Does Elon Musk Want To Buy Pornhub


Elon Musk has been making headlines lately, having recently caused controversy by tweeting suggesting that Tesla may go private, and then re-tweeting a porn video. With these two seemingly unrelated topics both arising at the same time, speculation has naturally arisen as to whether Elon Musk would ever consider buying Pornhub, one of the biggest adult entertainment websites in the world.

From an economic perspective, buying Pornhub does not appear to make sense for Elon Musk, as the company is highly controversial and only generates low profits. Similarly, from a business angle, the risks of taking over Pornhub could damage Tesla’s status and reputation. Nevertheless, one cannot rule out Musk’s interest in the adult entertainment industry entirely, considering his recent provocative behaviour and propensity for taking risks.

Economic Perspective

The most obvious thing blocking Elon Musk from buying Pornhub is economics. While the adult entertainment industry has been largely successful over the past few decades, it still has a relatively low profit margin. There are also other factors relating to Pornhub’s owner ‘Mindgeek’ that would prevent Musk from making any money from the deal. Mindgeek is owned by a network of private companies, meaning Musk could only acquire Pornhub through an acquirement or investment.

The legality surrounding the purchase of Pornhub for Tesla is also something that needs to be considered. Adult entertainment is seen as controversial, and many countries have laws that prohibit the acquisition of such companies. Tesla is based in the US, where laws around adult entertainment have been more lenient over the years, which may make it easier to execute the purchase. However, Tesla must still comply with the laws of other countries in order to operate its business.

Finally, as mentioned above, Pornhub is owned by a network of private companies, meaning it is not easily acquired. This would require Musk to negotiate a deal with Mindgeek, and given the size of the company, the costs associated with such a deal could be substantial.

Business Perspective

From a business perspective, buying Pornhub would also be a risky endeavour. Tesla has built a solid reputation in the automotive and technology spheres, and acquiring a company that is known for its adult content could have a negative impact on the brand. This reputation may be further damaged with the addition of Pornhub’s affiliates, which are often associated with the industry’s darker side, such as illicit activities.

Tesla’s shareholders may also not be keen on the idea of acquiring an adult entertainment company. Many shareholders are likely to see this move as extremely risky, as it could damage Tesla’s reputation and cause a dip in the company’s stock price. This could lead to shareholders dumping the stock, which would be highly detrimental to Tesla.

Another issue is the question of how the acquisition of Pornhub could fit in with Tesla’s existing business model. Pornhub is not within the same industry as Tesla, and the two do not appear to offer any sort of synergy. In other words, it is unclear what incentive, if any, Musk would have for acquiring Pornhub instead of investing in another industry altogether.

Elon Musk’s Recent Behaviour

Despite the business and economic implications of buying Pornhub, one cannot rule out the possibility of Elon Musk acquiring the company entirely. Although the move may make no sense from a financial standpoint, it is worth noting that Musk has a habit of taking risks. His recent behaviour has been seemingly erratic, from making bold claims about taking Tesla private to re-tweeting a porn video.

Musk’s actions suggest that he may be willing to take risks and cross boundaries that may not be traditionally seen as acceptable. This could lead to him considering buying Pornhub as a wild and daring move, one that could potentially bring Musk a large amount of publicity, both positive and negative.


Ultimately, it appears that it is unlikely that Elon Musk would buy Pornhub anytime soon. The move would not appear to make sense financially, and acquiring such a controversial company could damage Tesla’s reputation irredeemably. Having said this, one cannot completely rule out the possibility that Musk may still be considering the move, considering his recent behaviour and propensity for taking risks.

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