How Does Elon Musk Say His Son’s Name

How Does Elon Musk Say His Son’s Name?

Elon Musk is a Canadian engineer, businessman and philanthropist, most known for his innovative ideas and successes in various business and technology ventures. He is best known for founding the aerospace manufacturing company SpaceX and being the CEO and chairman of the electric car company Tesla. He is also the founder of The Boring Company, an infrastructure and tunneling venture. Musk also has five children, and one of his sons is named “X Æ A-12 Musk.” But how does the tech mogul pronounce his son’s name?

When Musk appeared on the late-night show “The Joe Rogan Experience” he gave listeners a hint on how to say his son’s name. According to the broadcast, the name is pronounced “ex ash a twelve.” However, different members of the family have different pronunciations of the name. Musk’s wife, Canadian musician Grimes, has slightly tweaked the pronunciation to “ex ash arch.”

According to California state law, babies must have a name that is composed of only the 26 characters of the English alphabet. Even though the name “X Æ A-12 Musk” follows these guidelines, it has caused a stir in U.S. media. Due to this, the couple revised the name to comply with California law, eventually settling on “X Æ A-Xii.” Tesla shares subsequently rose 8.5%, perhaps suggesting that investors view the revised version as an implicit sign of commitment from Musk.

Though some think the name is strange, Musk thinks it is perfect. He and Grimes said it was Grimes’ decision to name their newborn “X Æ A-12” as a tribute to their favorite aircraft, the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird. As Shane Snow writes in Wired, “When my wife figured out to make a tribute to the SR-71, the coolest plane ever made, the successor of the SR-71, his name will be X Æ A-12.”

Musk’s ideas, behavior and even his children’s names have all been the source of endless media speculation, however, he insists there is no deeper meaning behind the name, it is just an ode to a beloved aircraft.

The Meaning Behind Musk’s Son’s Name

Though the meaning behind the name may be up to interpretation, the “X” in “X Æ A-12” stands for the unknown variable in mathematics, which Musk believes is quite powerful and expresses their hope that their son will grow up to make something of himself in spite of the unknowns in life. Likewise, the “Æ” portion of the name is Grimes’ “elven spelling” of “AI,” for artificial intelligence, which is also another example of Musk’s love for risk-taking.

The “A-12” part of the name is a tribute to the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird. The Blackbird was the first aircraft to fly faster than Mach 3, reaching speeds of up to 3.2 times the speed of sound, and was a true US Air Force masterpiece used for reconnaissance missions during the Cold War. Thus, it makes sense that the two were hoping their son would have the same speed, creativity, and resilience as the iconic spy plane.

The original name “X Æ A-12” sparked a lot of controversy, including criticism from people who thought the name was “inappropriate,” “stupid,” or “attention-seeking.” However, the couple seem to have chosen the name for its symbolism and love for the aircraft, rather than as a stunt.

Celebrity Influence and Baby Names

Elon Musk’s choice of naming his son “X Æ A-12” is an example of how celebrity-driven baby names are becoming increasingly popular, to the point that parents are choosing more unusual names for their children. Indeed, the names of many other celebrity babies have become instant trends, including those of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West — “North,” “Saint” and “Chicago.”

Many celebrities have also chosen to give their children extremely unique names in order to stand out, such as Jamie Lynn Spears’ daughter “Maddie Briann,” Jaden Smith’s sister “Willow,” and Sylvester Stalone’s “Sage.”

Celebrity influence has always been strong, but with the rise of social media and its impacts, the trend of “name-fying” the popularizers has only become stronger. Elite celebrities often have legions of fans eager to copy their every moves, from what they wear to what they name their children, making unique baby names the latest fashion statement.

The Benefits of Unusual Baby Names

Unusual baby names can be highly beneficial as they can help increase a child’s confidence and independence. Like Musk and Grimes, parents who choose unique names for their children are giving their kids the opportunity to create their own identity and make their own mark in the world, rather than having to live up to their parent’s expectations.

Furthermore, a unique name often lends itself to qualities that parents would like to see in the child. For instance, the name “Chloe” means a blooming flower, while the name “Liam” is derived from a Germanic word meaning strength and protection. Unusual names also help ensure that a child won’t have to face name-related issues at school, such as constantly being called by the wrong name.

Unique names are also a great way for parents to express their creativity and share a part of their culture with their child. Musk and Grimes likely wanted to pay homage to their love for the SR-71 Blackbird and the tech mogul even mentioned in an interview that he and Grimes were considering the name “Grimes Star” for their child before deciding to go with “X Æ A-12.”

Legal Implications of Unusual Names

In recent years, there have been a number of disputes between parents and officials over the legality of so-called “unusual” baby names. U.S. states like Texas, Arkansas, and New Hampshire have even gone so far as to ban certain names, such as those with numbers, titles, or obscenity in them.

Although the most common U.S. names, such as “John” and “Jane,” are generally accepted by all states, any name that deviates from the state’s standards may be deemed as illegal. For example, in one case, the U.S. state of Texas refused to register the name “Messiah,” arguing that the name was prohibited due to its religious connotations.

However, it seems in this particular case the authorities were willing to overlook the unusual name and allowed the couple to register their son’s full name, “X Æ A-Xii.”

Criticisms of Unusual Names

While some advocates of unusual names argue that it gives parents freedom to express their creativity and heritage, others feel that it puts an unnecessary financial and emotional burden on children. Some hold the opinion that children should be given “responsible” and “normal” names so that they can grow without fear of being teased.

Thus, despite the fact that more and more parents are choosing unusual names, the greater majority of people surveyed in the United States still believe that traditional names like “John” and “Mary” are still preferred.


Elon Musk and Grimes’ choice of name for their son, “X Æ A-12,” has sparked a worldwide debate regarding the popularity of unusual baby names. While some parents believe that giving their children more distinctive names is a way to express their creativity and heritage, other parents and experts feel that it can put an unnecessary financial and emotional burden on children. Ultimately, the choice to name a child whatever their parent pleases is up to the individuals involved. However, despite the criticism, it seems that the couple and authorities were willing to overlook the legal implications of the unusual name and allowed them to register the name “X Æ A-Xii” for their son.

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