How To Kill Elon Musk

How To Kill Elon Musk

There is no doubt that Elon Musk is one of the most influential figures of modern times. From leading arguably the most successful business of the 21st century, Tesla, to providing the foundation for the commercialization of space travel through his aerospace company, SpaceX, to setting the tone for a clean energy revolution, Musk has taken innovation to a much higher level. Needless to say, many would love to see Musk gone for good, but how exactly does one go about killing one of the most powerful people in the world? Our sources discussed a few potential methods and here is what we learned.

Firstly, there are the obvious and more conventional methods to take out a target, such as a hired hitman, kidnapping, or even a poisoning. However, all of these require a level of planning and access to resources that most do not have or do not want to use. This brings us to the less conventional, yet still effective ways to end the life of Elon Musk.

Surveillance and Security

Musk is a very public figure and that makes him an easy target for someone looking to inflict harm. As such, Musk has invested significantly in personal security, with a team of highly trained and experienced bodyguards who are dedicated to keeping him safe. Additionally, Musk has reportedly employed an extensive surveillance system in both his homes and offices. These measures prevent any potential attempt to take out the notorious tech mogul by going through his defenses.


Hacking is another potential way to put an end to Musk’s life, although it is difficult to pull off. Theoretically, an individual with the necessary skills and resources could gain access to Musk’s personal information and accounts, potentially giving them control over his life and even his finances. However, due to Musk’s access to state-of-the-art security measures as well as his renowned paranoia and attention to detail, it would be nearly impossible to get past his defenses without alerting him beforehand.


One of Musk’s main weaknesses is his reliance on certain items and people to stay on top of his many projects. If someone were to gain access to any of his projects or companies, they could potentially alter certain elements of them without Musk’s knowledge in order to bring them down. This could range from sabotaging his electric cars to even delaying the launch of a SpaceX rocket. While it would be difficult to pull off, sabotage could be one of the more effective ways to get rid of Musk.

Business Deals

Musk is a savvy businessman who is always looking for a great deal, whether through his own company, Tesla, or through SpaceX. Thus, one way to take out the beloved mogul could be to provide him with a deal that looks great on the surface, but contains hidden elements that could take him down. This could range from elaborate scams to complex investments that could lead to financial ruin, if not worse.

Political Underhandedness

As Musk has entered the public eye and made an impact on both business and politics, some of his rivals have tried to use politics against him. Whether by legal means or by taking less-than-legal measures, some have sought to bury Musk underneath a mountain of red tape or apply pressures to his operations. While this has not been successful so far, it is still a potential way to take out Musk.

Public Shaming

Musk’s ability to stay in the public eye and drive public opinion has been instrumental to his success. It is also his greatest vulnerability. As such, it is possible to use public sentiment against him by painting him as an unfeeling businessman or a careless technocrat depending on what type of message one wishes to send out. While it would take a significant amount of effort, public shaming could be an effective way to isolate Musk and eventually strip him of the power he currently holds.

The Long Game

If none of the above methods prove to be successful, then the final way to take out Elon Musk is to simply outlast him. Musk is notorious for taking on incredibly ambitious projects, and every effort takes a toll on his body and mind, slowly chipping away at his overall health and wellbeing. That being said, if someone is able to outlast and outmaneuver Musk on all his endeavors, then eventually his health, will, and spirit will break, leaving him a shell of the man he once was and potentially killing him.


With Musk’s rise in popularity, many of his detractors have sought to disempower him by aggressively attacking him via social media and other public platforms. This has largely been unsuccessful, given Musk’s ability to fight back against such behavior. However, an individual could also employ more extreme tactics such as stalking or direct threats that linger far longer than a few tweets. This approach, while disruptive, could eventually cause enough stress on Musk that it could lead to an untimely end.

Spreading Doubt

Musk’s success has been largely due to inspiring others to believe in his vision and follow him into untested waters. If someone were to undermine this belief by spreading doubt and misinformation about his operations, enthusiasm for his projects and goals could slowly wane. Even if this does not lead to his death, it could lead to a sharp decrease in his public standing.


Musk is an expert in leveraging the power of the media to his advantage. For example, he frequently makes appearances and interviews on television and in podcasts to promote his projects and publicize his successes. As such, one could employ an opposing tactic and use these same platforms to spread negative messages about Musk and attack his reputation. While this may not necessarily kill Musk, it will significantly reduce his influence over the public and discredit his message.

Politics and Policy

As previously mentioned, Musk is no stranger to politics and has made significant efforts to influence policy in his favor. This has allowed Musk to achieve his ambitious projects, many of which have never been seen before. By creating policies or laws that are unfavorable to Musk’s operations, one could easily strip him of his power. Additionally, by publicly denouncing his efforts, one could potentially undermine Musk’s message and taint his reputation.

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