Is Elon Musk Super Smart

Genetic Aptitude

Elon Musk, the current CEO of Tesla, Inc., Space Exploration Technologies Corp., and Neuralink Corp., has an IQ estimated to be in the “genius range” of 155-160, according to a Mensa International representative. It’s no secret that Musk is highly intelligent, but it’s important to understand that genes aren’t the sole factor in his success. While Musk has the raw intelligence to do things most people cannot, there are other essential ingredients at play.
Musk’s success can be credited, in part, to a hard work ethic rooted in a relationship with his father. At an early age, he was assimilated into math and engineering skills. Musk was homeschooled by his father, and because of this, academics presented no boundaries for him. He enrolled, at the age of 17, at the University of Pennsylvania, and gained two degrees, one in economics and one in physics.
Elon Musk primarily attributes his success to curiosity, which has ultimately pushed him to discover more and strive for more. His curiosity has led him to study rocket science and unveil inventions such as Hyperloop and autonomous technology.

Determination and Risk-Taking Ability

The most important trait of Musk’s success is determination. He has shown this determination in spite of multiple failures and setbacks. He always looks for a third or fourth option after being met with the first two roadblocks, yet still makes the right decisions. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs drives his motivations, but what he has learned while building and running businesses has also led him to success.
In addition to determination, risk-taking has allowed Musk to be one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time. Musk risks everything in a proving ground of trial, failure, and success. He uses his Smart Risk-Taking, having taken extreme risks but with a positive and successful outcome. This form of risk-taking is what has pushed Musk to become the global tech entrepreneur, investor, and engineer he is known for today.

Creating a Visionary Future

Musk’s ultimate ambition is to move humanity into a sustainable, technology-driven future. His work has helped shape the current solutions to energy and transportation, and his vision of the future is influencing how the world approaches solar energy, space transportation, and artificial intelligence.
He strives for complete transparency in all of his companies, which is something that he believes is vital for progress. His companies are working to establish global standards for respective industries and to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.


Elon Musk is not only a visionary, but he is also adaptable. The world is changing, and Musk is always looking ahead and preparing for the curveballs that come with it. He doesn’t allow himself to be confined by his current work—instead, he expands it to make sure he is always ready to handle whatever the future throws his way.
Musk’s willingness to take risks and think outside the box have positively affected his companies, allowing them to stay in the forefront of technological advances. He is also known for challenging conventional wisdom, which has resulted in some of his successes.


Innovation is at the core of Musk’s success. He believes that innovation is the key to progress and that one should never accept the status quo. His strategies for pushing innovation in each of his companies focus on collaboration, customer support, and strategic investments.
Musk’s dedication to innovation has seen him take bold steps in revolutionizing the world of technology. His plans for building a never-ending technology portfolio continue to drive his success as his interests and ambitions live on in the creations of Tesla, SpaceX, and more.


Elon Musk is essential to his companies’ vision and their dreams of the future. He is a leader in every sense of the word, inspiring teams of employees and pushing them to do their best. He has the ability to make everyone in the room feel like they are making a difference and that their contributions are helping drive progress.
Musk understands the power of his presence and he uses it to motivate and inspire. His vision of the future is clear, and his ability to make others believe in it is remarkable. He understands the power of passion, and how it can fuel the creation of innovative solutions.

Customer Care

Musk knows that no matter how great a product is, an excellent customer service experience is a must. He pays special attention to customer feedback and ensures that all of his companies are providing the best customer care. He immerses his teams into customer service experiences and encourages them to think beyond the current situation.
Through his company’s customer experience initiatives, Musk is driving innovation in customer care. He has been a strong advocate of customer-centricity and ensures that his customers have a pleasurable experience when using any of his products.

Business Acumen

Musk knows the importance of combining business savvy and technology innovation. His business acumen is backed by decades of experience, which has helped him innovate and launch multiple successful companies. His drive for self-education and his ability to think strategically have allowed him to accomplish groundbreaking feats in the space and technology industry.
His businesses have constantly evolved to become more efficient, market-driven and customer-centered. Musk’s leadership focuses on going beyond traditional business models and driving progress in today’s market.

Analysis and Planning

Elon Musk has also mastered the ability to use data and analytics to plan out his business strategy. He uses both qualitative and quantitative analytics to understand consumer needs and come up with solutions to address them.
He also constantly looks ahead, analyzing the potential outcomes and risks associated with his actions. He has the ability to think through the details, plan long-term and make reasonable decisions. This has allowed Musk to be the successful businessman he is today, and to continue to innovate in the future.


Creativity is another important component that has made Elon Musk successful. He isn’t afraid to take chances and strive for something greater. He has become an innovator for pushing boundaries, especially in technology and space travel.
Musk has a knack for thinking of cutting-edge solutions, and his willingness to think outside the box has led to some of the most groundbreaking ideas of recent times. His ability to take risks and push further than ever before has helped make him successful in his respective fields.

Team Building

Elon Musk is also a master of team building. He has a deep understanding of the importance of having an effective team in place, and he knows how to build structure around the team. He works to ensure the perfect balance of talent, and trusts his team to go above and beyond.
Musk knows that in order for his companies to succeed it’s not just about having the best technology and solutions, but about having the right team in place. He works to find the best and the brightest for his teams, so as to ensure success and progress.

Final Thoughts: Is Elon Musk Super Smart?

Taking into consideration the various ingredients that contributed to and drove Musk’s success, it’s safe to say that he is, indeed, super smart. His “genius range” IQ, combined with his unwavering determination, risk-taking ability, adaptability, innovation, business acumen, leadership, customer care, analysis and planning abilities, creativity, and team building, makes Elon Musk the groundbreaking mogul he is today.

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