Where Was Zhang Yiming Born

Early Life

Zhang Yiming was born in 1976 in the Huailai County in the Hebei Province of China. His parents, who had a humble life, were farmers. Yiming was the eldest among the five siblings in his family. When he was a child, he was not good at studying and was often criticized for not having enough discipline and ambition. As a result, Yiming started to think about how to find a way to make a better life for his family and himself.

Education and Career

Yiming moved to Beijing to pursue his education. He was accepted into the prestigious Tsinghua University and chose to major in computer science. During his time at the university, he became interested in the Internet and began to develop an understanding of the technology that would shape his future career.
After graduating from Tsinghua University, Yiming worked as a software developer at Google in Silicon Valley. He was instrumental in the development of Google Earth, a 3D mapping platform. Yiming later left Google to join Microsoft as a project manager. While working at Microsoft, he was involved in the development of several key projects, including the Windows Azure platform.

Founding Joyy Inc.

In 2002, Yiming founded his own internet company, Joyy Inc. Joyy Inc was a pioneering internet company that focused on creating an innovative social media platform. Yiming was inspired by his experience at Google and Microsoft to create a platform that would allow people to connect, share and communicate in new ways. He wanted to give people the power to share their thoughts and experiences with the world.
Joyy Inc soon became one of the most popular social media networks in China and Yiming’s vision for the platform was realized. By 2013, Joyy Inc had over 300 million users and was one of the most profitable internet companies in China.

Founding ByteDance

In 2012, Yiming founded ByteDance, a tech company focused on artificial intelligence. The company’s first venture was the news platform Jinri Toutiao, which quickly gained traction and became one of the leading news aggregators in China. By 2018, the platform had 500 million active monthly users and was one of the most successful news platforms in the world.
Yiming was also the founder of Douyin, an immensely popular short-video platform. Douyin has gained over 800 million active users since its launch in 2016 and is considered one of the most successful mobile applications ever created. In 2019, Yiming’s net worth was estimated to be over $30 billion and his companies have a combined value of over $150 billion.


Yiming has long been involved in philanthropic endeavors. In 2018, he established the Zhang Yiming Foundation, which has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to various charitable programs. The Foundation’s mission is to improve the lives of people in need and to create a more sustainable future for the world.
The Foundation has funded a number of programs around the world, including a scholarship program for underserved students and a science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education program for disadvantaged children in China. Yiming has also supported international relief efforts, donating $65 million USD in aid to countries affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Leadership Style

Throughout his career, Yiming has maintained a hands-on approach to leadership. He has been praised for his unwavering focus on innovation and setting ambitious goals for his companies. Yiming is a proponent of the agile methodology, which focuses on frequent communication, iteration and experimentation.
He has also been lauded for his commitment to employee engagement and satisfaction. Yiming is known to attend company meetings and often solicits opinions from employees on new products and initiatives. He has also been vocal about the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and actively encourages employees to bring their unique perspectives to the table.

Influence and Legacy

Yiming’s influence on the tech industry has been tremendous. His companies have transformed the way people use the Internet and his work has revolutionized the way information is created and disseminated. He is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of his generation and is widely regarded as one of the most influential business leaders in the world.
Yiming has used his success to make the world a better place, through philanthropy and advocacy for inclusion in the workplace. His ambition, drive and commitment to excellence have been an inspiration to countless entrepreneurs and innovators, and his legacy will continue to shape the tech industry well into the future.

Business Model

Yiming’s success can be attributed to his pioneering business model. His companies have relied heavily on leveraging data and artificial intelligence to provide powerful, personalized experiences to their users. By analyzing user data, Yiming’s companies have been able to tailor their products and services to meet the unique needs of their customers.
ByteDance, in particular, has been praised for its novel approach to monetization. The company relies on a mix of advertising and e-commerce to generate revenue, and has had considerable success in both areas. Yiming’s ability to effectively monetize his companies without sacrificing user experience has been a major contributor to his success.

Management Style

Yiming has a distinct and highly successful management style. He encourages his team to take risks and to be ambitious in their approach. Yiming is known to demand excellence from his employees and does not tolerate mediocrity. At the same time, he is generous with praise when his team succeeds and is willing to provide resources to help them reach their goals.
Yiming also values collaboration and is known to foster an environment of creativity and innovation. He encourages his team to work together, challenge their assumptions and think outside the box. He believes that, by embracing creativity and working together, the team can achieve more than they ever imagined.

Investment Strategies

Yiming is also known for his keen eye for investement opportunities. He is an active investor in emerging technology startups and has an impressive track record of successful investments. He has made a number of investments in prominent tech companies, such as Didi Chuxing, Meituan and Luckin Coffee, which have all gone on to become industry leaders in their respective fields.
Yiming has also invested heavily in artificial intelligence companies and is a strong advocate for the power of AI to transform every aspect of our lives. He believes in the potential of AI to revolutionize industries, solve complex problems and create a more efficient and equitable world.


Zhang Yiming is one of the most influential business leaders of his generation. From humble beginnings in Huailai County in Hebei Province, he has gone on to transform the tech industry with his innovative ideas and ambitious spirit. He has founded two successful tech companies, Joyy Inc and ByteDance, and has invested heavily in emerging technology startups. Yiming’s influence on the tech industry and his commitment to making the world a better place cannot be understated.

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