Why Did Elon Musk And Grimes Split

Elon Musk and the Canadian singer, Grimes made the headlines all around the world when they announced their relationship at the Met Gala in 2018. After that, they shocked us all even more when they made the decision to split two whole years later, in 2020. So why did this couple that had managed to last two years decide to no longer be a couple?

The most popular explanation for the couple’s split comes from an interview with the Daily Mail, in which Grimes’ brother, Mac Boucher, said that the couple split up because “they both have intense work ethics and when they are together, it is intense.” Other sources have reported that their split was also in part due to their lifestyle differences, as well as conflicting schedules due to their work commitments.

Psychologists believe that this is a plausible explanation for the break-up. As Dr. Michael DeManche, a Senior Psychoanalyst of the American Institute of Psychoanalysis, explains: “Elon Musk and Grimes had a lot of things in common, but of those were two very intense personalities. They both had careers that required an immense amount of dedication and focus, making it difficult to maintain a life balance.” He adds that: “By the end of the two-year relationship, it became too hard to make both work and personal life run in parallel.”

Though these are the most likely explanations, some tabloids pointed out that the couple might have also split due to trust issues. Grimes was accused of having had an affair with the singer, i_o, whom she was working on a project with. However, the singer denied these rumors, in a post on her Instagram story in which she said that her and i_o “made beautiful music together” and “LOVED working together.”

While it is unclear what exactly was the reason for the couple’s split, some experts claim that it might have been due to personal pressure on the couple. Not only did they have to deal with an eleven-year gap between their ages, but they had to manage all of the public attention as well. Moreover, as Dr. DeManche explains, “Both individuals carry very different ideologies and are often misunderstood, making it hard for them to sync.”

What are the consequences of the break-up?

The break-up of this renowned power couple has certainly had its consequences. For Grimes, it marked a period of personal transformation, as she made the decision to change her name from Claire Boucher to the artist name of “c”. She has also said that in order to start the healing process of her break-up, she will embark on a spiritual anew journey.

As for Elon Musk, he has made a few statements regarding the split, stating that he still holds immense respect for Grimes and that he is still friends with her. He is yet to make any major changes in his life post-break-up, but according to some sources, Musk is already back dating, as he was photographed with a mystery woman in California in August 2020.

Can the couple still work together?

The answer to this might surprise you. Despite their conflict, the couple has maintained an interest in collaborating artistically. Though the idea of them generating art together may sound far-fetched, it is relevant to note that Grimes and Musk have collaborated before, in the song “R.I.P.”, which was released in 2018. The song opened up a whole new path of collaboration between the tech mogul and singer, as Musk revealed in a tweet that he had learned “All the best Grimes vocal techniques”.

In addition to musical collaborations, the couple have engaged in business collaboration. Tesla and Grimes made an agreement to put the song “4ÆM” as the entrance music in the Tesla showroom. Moreover, Elon Musk’s VP of Autopilot Software Chris Lattner praised her contributions to data visualization amongst Tesla’s interns.

What do people think about it?

As expected, people from all around the world have shared their opinions on the former couple’s split. For instance, many people have expressed that the decision was for the best, citing the couple’s 11-age year gap and different life philosophies. Others have praised their past collaborations, noting that their artistic and business endeavors have pushed them both to be more creative.

On the other hand, there have been some people who were upset to learn of the couple’s split, saying that they should have tried harder to make their relationship work. Nevertheless, most people seem to agree that the couple split up due to their conflicting values, lifestyles and views on life, due to the great pressures of both their personal and professional lives.

Are they still friendly?

Though not all former couples remain on good terms, Grimes and Musk seem to be still friendly towards each other. Aside from the occasional public statement Musk has made about Grimes and his respect for her, the two have also been quite vocal about maintaining a good relationship. Most recently, Grimes appeared in a tweet promoting Musk’s documentary “Do You Trust This Computer?”, leading many people to speculate that the former couple is still on good terms.

Overall, the break-up between Grimes and Musk has come to a relatively amicable close. Though the reasons for the break-up have been the source of speculation, it seems that the couple has managed to remain friends. Regardless of their relationship status, the two musicians have contributed to the advancement of technology and music.

Will they get back together

As of now, it is still unclear if Grimes and Musk will get back together. Though the couple has never explicitly expressed any intention to reconcile their differences, many people speculate that it could still be possible. After all, Elon Musk did reveal in an interview with The New York Times that he was still “hopeful” when asked about the possibility of reuniting with Grimes.

Apart from that, both Grimes and Musk have showcased a great level of respect for each other. This mutual respect could be a sign of a possible reunion between the duo, as it has been pointed out that strong relationships are built upon a great foundation of mutual respect. For now, only time will tell if the couple will come back together.

What has changed since their split?

It has been six months since the news of the couple’s split made headlines. A lot has happened in this time, particularly for Grimes. After her split from Musk, the musician changed her professional name from Claire Boucher to “c” and expressed a desire to embark on a spiritual journey. This journey has seen her collaborate with a number of well-known musicians, most notably for the song “Darkseid” which was released in March this year.

On the other hand, Elon Musk has been busy with a number of projects. After the couple announced their break-up, Musk started a company called The Boring Company, which specializes in underground transportation technology. Moreover, he also launched the Tesla Model 3 in China, making Tesla cars officially available in the country.

Apart from that, Musk is also still working on the development of the Hyperloop train. He believes the Hyperloop will revolutionize transportation, allowing people to get from Los Angeles to San Francisco in just thirty minutes. This past half-year has seen a great amount of success for both Grimes and Musk, and both are showing no signs of slowing down.


Elon Musk and Grimes made the world wide headlines when they announced their relationship in 2018 and again when they announced their break-up two years later in 2020. Though the reasons for their split are unclear, it seems that their conflicting lifestyles, values and views on life were the main cause of their break-up. Thankfully, the couple still remain friendly and have even engaged in business and musical collaborations. As to whether or not the couple can reconcile their differences and get back together, only time will tell. In the meantime, both Grimes and Musk have been quite successful in recent months, with both of them continuing to work on their respective projects.

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