Why Is Elon Musk An Asshole

Elon Musk is a globally renowned business mogul, philanthropist and scientist. His successes are unprecedented and he continues to work hard to support humanity. However, his feats are sometimes accompanied by controversial behaviour and rude comments. Musk has been consistently characterized as an ‘asshole’ by the public due to his aggressiveness and arrogance, especially when dealing with critics. This article will explore why Elon Musk is seen as an ‘asshole’.

Public Outbursts

Musk has been known for making suspect public outbursts, especially when interviewed or when someone scrutinizes his work. He is unafraid of criticising or making controversial comments in the presence of the media, and often speaks confidently, which can be perceived as arrogant. His actions have garnered a lot of attention and cemented his image of being a bit brash.

In one instance, Musk got engaged in a Twitter war that involved calling followers ‘pedo guys’ and posting offensive comments. He has also been quoted as saying that media questions are ‘boneheaded’ and ‘ridiculous’. Additionally, the electric car entrepreneur has been known to be incredibly short with reporters who ask him questions.

Arrogance and Grandiosity

Musk is often described as arrogant and too full of himself. He holds lofty visions and puts himself on a pedestal above everyone else when it comes to technological innovation. Additionally, he is often boastful about his accomplishments. Musk namely has a big ego that is coupled with a ruthless attitude. Furthermore, perhaps his grandiosity is the biggest factor that contributes to Musk’s negative public persona.

His grandiosity is often seen in his tweets and even during conference calls and media interviews. He is keen on using strong language and making grandiose claims or promises, which further further exacerbates his ‘asshole’ image. This display of arrogance also makes it difficult for others to account him, which has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.

In addition, his continual pursuit of attention has meant he has been seen to overstep his bounds and pontificate to the public on various platforms, even when he is not qualified to do so. This arrogance has caused a lot of people to view him as an ‘asshole’.

Behaviour Towards Critics

Musk has become infamous for his behaviour towards critics. He has been known to attack and harass people who ask tough questions or simply do not agree with his business practices. He often makes scathing remarks about them, creating an intimidating atmosphere. This has also attracted a lot of negative press due to Musk’s seemingly authoritarian attitude.

On one infamous occasion, Musk was seen berating and insulting a critic, even though the critic was found to have legitimate grievances. Musk’s reaction to criticism, combined with his refusal to backpedal and apologize for his behaviour, has given him an even worse reputation for being an ‘asshole’.

Musk’s Influence On Society

Despite the criticism, it should be noted that Musk has had a significant positive impact on society as a philanthropist and as a business leader. His contributions have been in the advancement of technology and transportation, which has bettered the lives of many. Musk is thus seen as a catalyst for change and an example of what one can achieve when they have an ambitious vision.

His influence has been felt throughout industries such as finance, transportation, artificial intelligence and space travel, among others. And even though many find his behaviour unsavoury, Musk has managed to use his global influence to encourage more people to pursue their dreams.

Defense Of Musk

There are those who would defend Musk and argue that his image has been distorted by the media. They point to his ambitious projects and say that his actions and words should be seen in the context of human progress. Critics would disagree, saying that his behaviour cannot be excused simply because he has made great strides in the technological and economic fields.

Therefore, it is fair to say that there is no clear cut way on how to assess Musk’s behaviour. His supporters and critics obviously differ on their opinion of Musk, and the topic remains highly subjective.

Musk’s Unhinged Behaviour

Some see Musk’s behaviour as a sign of his deteriorating mental state. This explanation is supported by the fact that he has publicly displayed periods of mental fatigue and emotional vulnerability, which again has largely gone unnoticed by the public.

Given the intensity of Musk’s professionalism and the strain that such a lifestyle might entail, it cannot be denied that his apparently erratic behaviour may be linked to this. This analysis of behaviour would exonerate Musk of being a ‘natural’ ‘asshole’, but rather a result of his struggles.

Musk’s Response To Criticism

Musk has responded to criticism in several ways. He has acknowledged that he can sometimes be too abrasive, and has said that he will try to be more discerning when speaking with the media. Additionally, he has actively tried to engage more with the public in various ways, such as recently hosting a podcast.

He has also appeared to be more humble in the face of criticism arising from his public persona. Furthermore, Musk has also reneged on some of the controversial positions he has taken in the past. As such, it appears that Musk has become aware of the public’s perception of him and is trying to shift it for the better.

Irresponsible Actions

The other prevalent factor fuelling Musk’s reputation as an ‘asshole’ is his persistent disregard for regulations. He has often made numerous, bold and unsubstantiated claims, which have landed him in hot water with the Securities and Exchange Commission and other governing bodies.

However, his risks have sometimes paid off and, as a result, his companies have become highly successful. Nonetheless, his egregious behaviour has spurned a lot of hate from various quarters, adding to the notion of him being an ‘asshole’.

Musk’s Legacy

Musk’s actions have had a profound impact on society and he should be commended for working tirelessly to create a better world. His contributions to technology and his ambition to benefit humanity should not be overlooked. Furthermore, his ability to think outside the box when it comes to problem solving has been a great asset in the technology world. Musk has also demonstrated immense courage in the face of critics and haters.

At the same time, it is undeniable that his brash and dismissive nature has caused a pretty big dent on his public persona. Musk’s unwillingness to suffer fools lightly and his tendency to exhibit arrogance has created an impression of him as an ‘asshole’, and it is not likely to dissipate anytime soon.

Musk’s Impact On Technologies

It is no doubt that Musk has had a major impact on technologies. His companies in particular, Tesla and Spacex, have set benchmarks in electric car production and space exploration respectively. His achievements in the technological world should be acknowledged and it is fair to say that the world would not be the same without him.

Tesla, in particular, has managed to make electric vehicles mainstream, even though the company has had its setbacks. It has managed to achieve this success by making its cars highly appealing, both in design and performance. The same can be said of its space exploration foray, which has seen the venture gain traction from investors and consumers alike.

The introduction of new technologies and the influence of Elon Musk has been highly beneficial for society. Furthermore, his accomplishments have set precedents for others to aspire to, proving that with hard work and commitment, anything is possible.

Musk’s Social Media Presence

Musk’s presence on social media has been much more subdued in recent times. He often refrains from making derogatory remarks and has largely dialed down the frequency of his tweets. In some cases, he has even been seen to be more submissive and open to criticism, when previously his responses to his critics would be largely hostile.

Thus, it appears that Musk is trying to become more amiable and friendly to the public by taking a more humble approach on social media. His recent behaviour on social media suggests that he has grown to understand his public persona better and is aware of the repercussions of his words.

Questions On Motive

The reason behind Musk’s abrasive reaction to critics is often left unanswered. It is difficult to ascertain if his behaviour is genuinely malicious or merely an outrageous yet sincere show of passion and determination. As a result, it is hard to ascertain the motive behind his ‘asshole’ character.

Moreover, some would argue that his reactions are part of a larger showmanship. In an increasingly competitive and scrutinised world, he may simply be trying to keep people interested by cultivating a ‘badboy’ image. This analysis would suggest that Musk is more of a ‘perceived’ ‘asshole’ than an actual one.


In conclusion, Elon Musk has attracted both adoration and condemnation for his behaviour. He has been continually demonized for his abrasive attitude, creating an image of him being an ‘asshole’. Although Musk has had a substantial positive influence on society as a businessman and philanthropist, it is undeniable that his behaviour has exhibited a pattern of arrogance and grandiosity, which has made him highly unpopular with some parts of the public. Nevertheless, it is likely that Musk will continue to occupy an important place in the world, regardless of what the public opinion on him might be.

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