Did Elon Musk Say He Was Going To Buy Fortnite

Background Information

In the past few months, the news of Elon Musk potentially buying the popular computer game Fortnite caused a stir in the media. Musk is known for his ambitious projects and investments, and the acquisition of Fortnite would certainly add to that list. So is this true or simply a media ploy? In order to determine this, we must first understand the story behind the potential purchase.
Fortnite is an online game developed and published by Epic Games. In 2017, the game was released to the public and has since become a worldwide phenomenon. Epic Games has partnered with numerous gaming platforms, including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch, to provide an outlet for the game to be enjoyed by millions of gamers around the world. Unfortunately, Epic Games is currently in a legal dispute with Apple and Google, two of Fortnite’s primary competitors, over certain payment processing fees. This could potentially cause Fortnite to drop out of these marketplaces due to financial restraints.

Reactions From Experts

Many experts and gamers alike have been speculating about the potential purchase of Fortnite by Musk. While some are hopeful that the purchase would secure the future of Fortnite and keep it available to the public, others are wary of the implications of a tech billionaire taking ownership of such a popular game.
On one hand, experts like Johnathan Brown of The Inquisitr have suggested that Musk could help revitalize the game, citing that his “innovative spirit and business acumen” could be a “great fit” for the game. Brown argues that Musk could implement policies that would secure the game’s revenue streams in order to keep it afloat, as well as introducing new gaming content which could potentially bring in new players.
On the other hand, some experts fear that the potential acquisition could give Musk too much control over the game. Specifically, John Barkley of the Washington Post argues that this would give Elon a monopoly over the gaming industry, giving him unprecedented control over the production and delivery of gaming content. Barkley also suggests that this would pose a threat to other game developers, as the potential resources available to Musk could give him an unfair edge over the competition.

Analysis Of Elon Musk’s Possible Acquisition Of Fortnite

By all accounts, it appears that the purchase of Fortnite by Elon Musk might be a smart move. While the legal issues surrounding the game are a concern, his resources and connections could potentially help negate any damages suffered as a result of the legal dispute. Furthermore, his innovative ideas could bring in new customers, ensuring that the game remains successful in the long-run.
At the same time, caution is warranted. Musk is known for his ambitious projects, and the acquisition of Fortnite could be considered a significant risk. If his bid is accepted, there’s no telling what changes he may make to the game, some of which might not sit well with the gaming community.

Public Perception Of Musk’s Potential Acquisition Of Fortnite

The public perception of Elon Musk’s potential purchase of Fortnite is split. On one hand, many gamers are excited at the prospect of a tech titan potentially taking the helm of their favorite game. On the other hand, others are wary of his immense power and potential of taking advantage of players.
Many gamers have taken to social media to express their opinion on the matter, with some expressing their excitement and others expressing their apprehension. One user, Calamity2806, took to Twitter to comment, stating “Elon Musk buying Fortnite would be an incredible news for us gamers. I mean… just think about it! A tech giant supporting a beloved game like Fortnite is something that never happened before. I’m willing to wait and see what will happen”

Arguments In Support Of Elon Musk’s Possible Acquisition Of Fortnite

Many experts have voiced their support of Elon Musk’s potential acquisition of Fortnite, citing the potential benefits of having a tech titan at its helm. Some of the arguments in favor of the purchase include the following:
First, many experts have suggested that the acquisition of Fortnite could provide a much-needed lifeline for the game. As previously mentioned, legal issues have forced Epic Games to consider dropping out of certain marketplaces, possibly leading to lower sales which could spell disaster for the game. The resources and connections that Elon Musk could bring to the table could potentially help negate any damages suffered as a result of the legal dispute.
Secondly, experts suggest that Musk’s creativity and ambition could lead to new and innovative ideas for the popular game. This could potentially bring in new players, ensuring that the game remains successful in the long-run. Not only that, but his expertise in technology could potentially lead to more efficient and cost-effective methods of delivering better experiences for gamers.

Arguments Against Elon Musk’s Possible Acquisition Of Fortnite

Despite the potential benefits of the acquisition of Fortnite, many experts have voiced their concerns about the potential risks of the purchase. Some of the arguments in opposition of the acquisition include the following:
First, experts have suggested that the acquisition of Fortnite could lead to an unfair monopoly. If trusted to the helm, Musk’s resources and connections could give him an edge over other game developers and publishers, leading to unfair competition and a concentration of power in the industry.
Secondly, experts suggest that Musk’s control over the game could cause it to drift away from its original direction and vision. Many gamers have stated that they appreciate Fortnite for its simple, yet effective approach – giving players the freedom to customize their character, engage in exciting battles, and build their dream schemes with the myriad of tools provided. While Musk might bring new content and ideas to the game, this could also potentially lead to too drastic a shift away from its original vision.

Musk’s Response To The Rumors Of His Potential Purchase Of Fortnite

When asked for comment about the rumors regarding his potential acquisition of Fortnite, Elon Musk simply stated that he had “no plans” to buy the game. Despite his statement, speculation still abounds as to his true intentions.
Some experts have suggested that Musk is merely trying to save face, citing that he would understandably be hesitant to go public with his plans to acquire the game in order to avoid potential backlash from the gaming community. Others have suggested that the acquisition is simply too much of a risk, as the legal issues facing Epic Games and the potential power that Musk’s resources could bring him could prove too risky for him to make such a significant purchase.


At the end of the day, only time will tell if Elon Musk will actually purchase Fortnite. His statement indicating that he had “no plans” to buy the game has only fanned the flames of speculation, with experts and gamers alike continuing to voice their opinions on the potential purchase. While some are in favor of it, citing the potential benefits of having a tech titan at its helm, others are wary of it, citing the potential risks of allowing Musk too much control over the game.

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