Does Amber Heard Have A Baby From Elon Musk

A Relationship between Amber Heard and Elon Musk

Amber Heard and Elon Musk made headlines when they began to be seen out together in 2016.However, their unlikely relationship ended with much controversy after 18 months of dating.This article will dive deeper into their online relationship, analyze their legal battles and investigate the suggestion that Amber Heard could have a baby from Elon Musk.

Dating History

Though the first whispers of Amber Heard and Elon Musk’s relationship surfaced in July 2016, neither party made an official statement until a few months later.Heard was legally married to Johnny Depp at the time and shortly confirmed her divorce proceedings to begin in August, whilst Musk filed for a divorce from his wife Talulah Riley.This meant that by January 2017, both parties were legally single and no longer shamming their relationship.

Heard and Musk were seen at several red carpet events together throughout 2017-2018, confirming to the world that they had been seeing one another in that period.That same year, their relationship ended in the same manner which it had begun: unceremoniously, without public explanation or any sign of wrongdoing.

Legal Troubles and Divorce

The break-up of their romance was not drama free. There appeared to be trouble in paradise after the couple began to battle in court, with Musk filing a lawsuit against Heard for allegedly writing an article in The Washington Post accusing him of abuse.

This led to a war of words between both of them, as Heard pointedly accused Musk of lying.Then soon after, Heard was granted a restraining order against Musk over alleged domestic violence.The order was eventually dropped by Heard though the legal troubles did not completely end for the billionaire entrepreneur.

A Baby from Elon Musk?

As the news of their split emerged in the public, rumours began to circulate that Heard might have a baby from Elon Musk. He strenuously denied the claims but did not receive much traction from the court of public opinion.

Neither party has addressed the rumours publicly or confirmed whether a baby is on the way.Until one or both of these parties is ready to share who the father of the baby is, it will remain a mystery.

Heard’s Relationship with Johnny Depp

It is worth noting that Heard had been married to Johnny Depp years before Musk entered the actress’ life.The two were married in 2015, shortly after they met on the set of Rum Diary.The marriage brought with it high expectations and a wedding ceremony officiated by the eccentric actor himself.However, the marriage did not last long.The couple separated in 2016 and Heard filed for a divorce shortly after.

The subsequent court hearings and allegations brought further allegations of abuse and a string of high-profile friends taking sides.In the end, Depp had to pay a settlement to his soon-to-be ex-wife totaling around 7 million dollars.

Impact on Heard’s Careers

Though both parties had already established their separate careers before entering this relationship, being linked to a controversial billionnaire has left its mark.

Musk’s turbulent relationship with Heard has affected his reputation, as voiced by many experts in the business world.Whilst Heard has also seen her public profile go up as her career has enjoyed a boost in the wake of their relationship.

Despite their high-profile break-up, both actors have gone on to achieve more professional success, taking on roles in more ambitious projects.Heard has recently starred opposite Jason Momoa in Aquaman, whilst Musk has made progress in delivering a fully electric SUV to the masses.

Analysis of their Relationship

From the outside, it appears that their relationship was not as solid and secure as many thought it to be.It could have been that both parties were simply not compatible and needed to part ways to persue their respective ambitions.

Though it has been said that Heard and Musk remained on good terms after their split, their court battle only confirmation of how their romance had soured.The case is still ongoing but with no clear signs of resolution in the near future.

Upcoming Projects

Instead of waiting, both parties have released to the world what lies ahead of them.Heard is expected to soon begin filming for the sequel to Aquaman 2 in 2021. Whilst Musk has his own project, the Tesla Cybertruck, the first mass produced electric pickup truck.

Both parties have done well to put the drama of their past relationship in the back burner and focus on their respective career tracks. This could be a sign of maturity on their part and a necessary step that both needed to take in order to move on without any more legal headaches.

Public Perception

Amber Heard and Elon Musk have also managed to regain their public stature, albeit differently.Whilst Musk regained his technical wizard status, Heard continues to enjoy a steady rise in her popularity in the Hollywood scene.

Furthermore, both parties learned from the mistakes of their past.It could be argued that breaking up before things got too muddled saved both of their reputations.Avoiding a drawn out case in court means that both remained unscathed and free to pursue their separate paths.

Rumours and Speculation

Though the suggestion of a baby from Musk has been current for some time now, only one thing is certain – that neither Heard nor musk have made any official statement to confirm or deny the rumours. Thus, it is up to the public to speculate until one of them affirms otherwise.

Whilst many have commented on the ‘Possible’ news of a baby, the suggestion remains unverified. Only time will be able to tell whether Heard is expecting a child from the Paypal founder.

The Press and Social Media

Seeing as both Heard and Musk are high profile public figures, it is inevitable that the media is going to latch onto their story and amplify it.News of their relationship from the beginning to the end has spread like wildfire, whether it be through traditional outlets or through social media.

Whats more, both parties have used these channels to allow fans to gain insight into their lives as both Heard and Musk have active accounts across various platforms.From instagram to twitter, fans are treated with posts and updates of their professional endeavours and more.


To conclude, Amber Heard and Elon Musk had a turbulent relationship throughout their time together.Whilst the suggestion of a baby has been discussed, neither party has made a statement to confirm or deny such rumours.

Though the couple have officially gone their separate ways, both parties have managed to find success in their respective professional fields and remain unscathed in their post-relationship careers.What remains clear is that neither Musk nor Heard will confirm any details about the past and any speculations will only be the conjecture of the public.

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