Does Elon Musk Have Control Of Twitter

Does Elon Musk Have Control of Twitter

Since gaining the majority of his fame for his contributions to the electric vehicle industry, with Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk’s presence on Twitter has caused a great amount of stir. Thriving with an estimated 33 million followers on the platform, Musk’s tweets have been known to drive the stock market, which has raised many questions about the amount of influence a single individual can commit on the internet’s most influential and informative platform.

A common complaint Elon Musk receives on his tweets is direct attacks on his companies, the people around him, and his own decisions. Experts agree that using the platform to his social advantage is a calculated move, as to not cause assault per se, but to use his persuasive communication and knowledge of Twitter trends to advance his own companies and marketing campaigns.

Gregg Passin, director of Twitter’s New York office, says that when it comes to Musk’s influence on the platform, it’s clear he has a big following and supporters. Passin states that despite Musk “saying some stuff that can stir up the pot”, the Tesla CEO does not use his platform to manipulate or control information.

Musk has used the platform to share his victories, announced new products, and advertised launches, as well as tweeted controversial opinions that have gone viral and caused public rumbles on and off the platform.

Some of the most notable influence Musk has contributed to the platform was when he named a child ‘X Æ A-12’ which caused discussions about the legal system and other social implications. Another was when he suggested that Tesla shares were overpriced. Both events had an immediate impact on the shares of Tesla and other companies, showing the full extent of Musk’s abilities to form public opinion online.

In 2020 Musk was declared the most influential person on Twitter, considering the amount of followers he has and the implications from his tweets. Experts and fans alike praise Musk for his ability to gain attention with just a few words, however, many still argue about whether or not Musk has complete control over Twitter’s communication environment.

Leslie Gaines-Ross, the chief reputation strategist at Weber Shandwick, states that “It certainly helps to be well-known, but the key influencing tool is the quality and content of what one says”. These words support the notion that if Musk has influence over Twitter, it is definitely partially driven by his wit and intelligence.

The After Math of Musk’s Tweets

Following a tweet by Elon Musk, the public normally begins to look further into the subject by researching the topics related to it or simply joining in on the discussion.

During the rise of Bitcoin in 2020, Musk tweeted about how Tesla had purchased a large sum of Bitcoin, which ended up rapidly boosting the cryptocurrency’s value by 6%. Subsequently, this caught the eye of investors, who responded by buying numerous amounts of Bitcoin.

After Musk’s tweets on Bitcoin, other digital currencies such as Dogecoin suddenly increased in its value. Although, experts from the cryptoverse claim that this boom was a consequence of cryptocurrency bots that detected the ‘hot-topic’ Musk had created and took advantage of the situation by inflating its value in the Ethereum Network.

Notwithstanding, many financial advisors in the crypto world describe Musk’s tweets as revolutionary when it comes to the creation of public opinion in the stock markets, with many speculating that long-term investments could be a practical result of his tweets.

Legal Implications of Musk’s Posts

In early 2018, tweets by Elon Musk prompted an investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), as his action was seen as potentially affecting the markets.

The SEC investigation was further aggravated when Musk tweeted about him considering taking Tesla private with a $420 price target, suggesting that the CEO had intended to move the stock price up with his tweet.

After the investigation concluded, Musk was forced to pay a $20 million fine and step down as Tesla’s chairman of the board, with the court ruling that his use of Twitter was in direct violation of federal market manipulation laws.

Contradicting this, Musk argued that his tweets had been intended to be used for entertainment purposes and that he was not aware of the amount of influence he had over the stock markets.

According to Elon Musk himself, his notoriety on Twitter has caused him to be more careful with the words he uses, as he is aware of how matters such as jests or jokes may be taken out of context and interpreted in the wrong way.

The Role of Twitter in Global Events

Despite his track record of affecting global markets, Elon Musk believes that social media can be a potentially game-changing tool during global conflicts. During the fourth industrial revolution, Twitter has become the preferred communication platform for governments and presidents in debate during international politics.

Musk has made a point of using his Twitter to address potential international threats, urging world leaders to work together and come to a resolution. His simple philosophy could potentially cause a positive outcome, as his tweets activate widespread discussion, putting relevant topics in the public eye.

As with many influential people on the platform, Elon Musk has used Twitter to remind the public who is in charge and taken matters into his own hands as an information source, as opposed to waiting for traditional news media to report on it.

Such direct communication by world leaders has the power to sway public opinion, with some countries even relying on social media for political campaigning.

Some media companies have even advocated that the platform should become an instrument of diplomacy, as more and more international involvement begins to occurer on the platform and Musk’s influence becomes more and more prominent.

Ethical Implications of Twitter Usage

As Elon Musk’s influence becomes more apparent, some experts have raised their concerns over the unethical implications of using tweets as a tool of manipulation.

Philanthropist Bill Gates advised Musk to stop using twitter as a means to influence the public, claiming that user’s who choose to follow Elon’s tweets can be taken advantage of.

The already polarised situation on social media has taken a toll on users, who may feel as though their opinion may be manipulated by powerful people on the platform or even see their finances affected.

Although, many would agree that Elon’s adventurous tweets are a good move for both the public and his companies, his use of public opinion as a tool may undermine the public’s trust in the power of their opinion online.

Regardless, opinions remain polarised, with some claiming that influencers using the platform as manipulation, while others view it as a legitimate tool for spreading awareness.

The People’s View Of Twitter Usage

Twitter itself still stands as one of the most democratic forums for people to communicate, allowing any individual to express their opinion without having the risk of their opinion freely dismissed.

In spite of this, people remain divided if Elon Musk has complete control of the platform or not, some arguing that Elon’s influence over Twitter is backed by actual intelligence and power, while others suggest that it’s mostly luck.

Consequently, Musk’s notoriety on the platform has caused people to flock to his tweets more and more, eager to know what big news he has lined up next.

Contrarily, his stream of tweets may always be under worldwide scrutiny, especially during international events. The SEC hasn’t been shy when it comes to legal repercussions if Musk chooses to tweet something that can potentially manipulate the stock markets or interfere with other nations.

Nevertheless, many online specters understand that Musk’s use of Twitter is a golden opportunity for any individual or company, as long as the content remains ethical and within the regulations of the platform.

The Impact Of Elon Musk On Social Platforms

Irrespectively of an individual’s opinion of Elon Musk, his ability to use Twitter to express himself freely has made him a mainstream celebrity on the platform, gaining millions of followers and inspiring the public to create its own influencer base.

What Elon Musk has brought to Twitter and other social platforms have been a sense of power to the people. His influencer content has allowed the public to gain a different perspective on global and personal events, while also inspiring people to take charge of their own opinions on the Internet.

It’s truly a revolutionary time for social media, who has grown successful influencer culture and continues to transform content into a wide variety of different perspectives.

Elon Musk may be the most influential person on Twitter, however many experts believe that he has held the platform back from its full potential. His controversial tweets can often be a distraction from more important issues, although his presence has made it easier for people to express their opinion on the platform.

In conclusion, Elon Musk has made a strong presence on the platform and does indeed have some control over the public opinion, but only as much as he’s willing to express in his tweets.

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