How Did Elon Musk Get The Name Tesla


Elon Musk is an American entrepreneur, engineer, and inventor best known for founding SpaceX and co-founding Tesla. He is also known for creating the Hyperloop and his balloon-based space exploration efforts. Musk has been credited with leading a revolution in transportation and energy production, integrating and transforming the fields of electric vehicles and solar power. Because of his achievements, Musk has become an icon in the business world. But how did he get the name Tesla?

Early Life and Education

Musk was born and raised in Pretoria, South Africa. He attended several schools in the area, including the University of Pretoria. At the age of 17, Musk dropped out of school and moved to Canada in 1989 on a student visa with his brother, Kimbal. Afterward, he enrolled in Queen’s University in Ontario where he was able to obtain a dual degree in economics and physics. Musk then pursued a PhD in applied physics and material sciences from Stanford University, but decided to drop out after only two days.

Start-Up Ventures

After dropping out of Stanford, Musk co-founded Zip2 with his brother, a web-software service. The company was eventually bought out by Compaq in 1999 for $307 million and Musk received $22 million in the buyout. Musk then went on to found, an online payments company, which was later acquired by eBay for $1.5 billion and Musk made $165 million from the sale.


In 2003, Musk decided to focus his energies on sustainable energy. To that end, he started Tesla Motors, which has as its mission the goal of “accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy.” Musk was named chairman of Tesla Motors, then CEO in 2008. Tesla has since become one of the most successful and innovative electric car companies in the world.

Why Tesla?

So why did Musk name the company Tesla? He was inspired by the work of Nikola Tesla, the Serbian-American scientist who invented alternating current and the electric motor. Musk was drawn to Tesla’s dedication to invention, electrical engineering and exploration. He wanted to pay homage to the inventor and give his name to the revolutionary car company.

Musk’s Vision for Tesla

Musk’s vision for Tesla has always been ambitious. In addition to creating high-end electric vehicles and investing in renewable energy, he wants to make self-driving cars a reality and make Tesla an “energy services company” by integrating solar energy into homes and businesses. Musk also wants to make electric cars the norm, and make them an affordable option for everyone.

The Impact of Tesla in the Auto Industry

Tesla has had a tremendous impact on the auto industry, by not only pushing the boundaries of electric vehicles but by introducing the idea of self-driving cars. Tesla has also spurred other automakers to invest in electric vehicles, and made electric cars more widely available.

The Impact of Tesla in the Renewable Energy Industry

Tesla has also had a big effect on the renewable energy industry. They are investing in solar roofs, home and business batteries, solar panels, and solar-powered cars. The company is also working to develop sustainable energy sources such as geothermal energy and wave energy. In addition, Tesla has invested in energy storage systems for renewable energy, making it easier for homes and businesses to access.

The Impact of Tesla on the Economy

Tesla has had a positive impact on the economy, by creating jobs and stimulating economic growth in the areas where it is building its factories and production facilities. In addition, Tesla has helped to reduce emissions, by producing clean energy, and has made electric vehicles more widely available and affordable.

Tesla’s Future and Implications

Tesla has the potential to transform the auto industry, the renewable energy industry, and the economy as a whole, as they continue to innovate and push the boundaries of engineering and science. While Tesla continues to make strides, Elon Musk himself has also become a major force in the entrepreneur, engineer and inventor fields. His name is synonymous with innovation and his influence on the world of technology should not be underestimated.

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