How Much Did Elon Musk Make On Paypal

Background Information

Elon Musk, the visionary genius behind SpaceX, Tesla, and The Boring Company, made his wealth through his time as the cofounder of PayPal. Elijah Oyefeso, a CEO of Doby, takes a closer look at how much he made from the sale of PayPal.

PayPal emerged as an online payment system developed by Musk along with Peter Thiel, Max Levchin, Ken Howery, and Luke Nosek. The idea originated in 1998 and by 2000 the company already had pre-launch funding.

The company changed the way how people used the internet to make payments. It equipped users to quickly and securely send and receive payments in a cost-effective manner. PayPal quickly gained traction and by 2002, it had a total of more than 5 million users.

Relevant Data and Perspectives

In October 2002, eBay acquired PayPal in a deal valued at 1.5 billion dollars. Elon Musk was one of the largest shareholders, who held 11.7% of the company’s stock, amounting to 180 million dollars when the deal was completed.

This propelled Musk to a new level of fame and fortune, making him one of the most recognizable and successful entrepreneurs of his time. Although not his entire wealth today is a result of the PayPal sale, it effectively put him on track to become the tech giant we all know today.

CEO of Doby Elijah Oyefeso points out that it would have been much harder for Musk to become the success he is today without the funds from PayPal, “Although Elon Musk is an extraordinary visionary, without the money, his venture into the ventures that he has become so well known for, could have easily been postponed.”


The proceeds from the sale of PayPal gave Musk the funds he needed to start his ambitious entrepreneurial career. Musk used his newfound wealth to invest in SpaceX and start other ventures, such as Tesla Motors, The Boring Company, Open AI, Neuralink, and several more.

Today, Musk is one of the wealthiest people on earth, with a net worth estimated to be at least 20 billion dollars. His journey to riches began with the sale of PayPal and no doubt, it was a key factor that sparked his amazing success story.

High Risks Took High Rewards

However, it wasn’t easy to reach this level of success. The sale of PayPal was only part of the equation that allowed Musk to launch his business career. Diversifying his interests quickly and taking large calculated risks with limited funds was just as important for his successes.

He had to be sensible in choosing which investments he should make, as well as utilise his resources efficiently and make sure to have the most suitable team around him in order to move forward with his endeavours. Indeed, this paid off in the long run, and we have Musk’s PayPal success story to thank for what it enabled him to build today.

Business Expansion

Although Elon Musk only made 120 million dollars from the sale of PayPal, this money was crucial in helping him spread his wings in business. With the funds he acquired, he was able to invest in multiple fields and diverse ideas, such as sustainable energy and space exploration.  

In 2006, Musk became the principal investor and chairman of Tesla Motors, a company that has revolutionized the automobile industry and made electric cars a desirable choice for many. What began as an experiment in sustainable energy has become a cult vehicle, with thousands of people being interested in the new developments of Tesla.

SpaceX was founded by Musk in 2002 and it is the only private company to launch cargo to the International Space Station and bring it back safely. It has launched two rockets to space with the aim of colonizing Mars in the future. His ambition to explore the possibilities of space technology has made Musk’s ventures a global success.

Criticism and Challenges

Despite his successes, not everything Musk has built has been a financial success. His companies have faced criticism over their ambitious timelines and lofty promises, while some of his projects have never gone anywhere.

Challenges have come from the government, competitors and investors that have disagreed with Musk’s vision and perspective. However, this hasn’t stopped him from pushing forward with his projects and most of the time, his efforts have paid off in the long run.

Musk has also been criticised for his approach and attitude towards running his businesses. He has been accused of using his power to control boards and employees. Some argue that this is his way of ensuring that his employees and investors have complete control and responsibility for their actions.

Revolutionary Ideas and Projects

Musk has continually demonstrated a unique ability to think outside the box and create revolutionary ideas and projects. From his first venture, Zip2, to the more recent Hyperloop and Boring Company tunnels, it’s clear that Musk is capable of taking risks and leading out of the box thinking.

His diverse projects, from artificial intelligence to colonizing Mars, showcase his immense range of interests and ideas. Musks’s one ambition is to create something unique and remarkable that can make a lasting impact on the world.

However, it’s important to recognize that without the funds Musk received from the sale of PayPal, it’s highly unlikely that he would have been able to achieve the level of success he has today.

Future Projects

As we move forward, it’s clear that Elon Musk has a lot more to give. His ambition and determination to create the future that he wants will ensure that he continues to come up with unique ideas and projects.

There are plans for Musk to launch a satellite network that would provide fast internet speeds for users across the globe. He’s even expressed interest in creating a film studio and is working on a brain-computer interface product called Neuralink.

Although Musk’s progress is still ongoing and it’s impossible to predict what lies ahead, it’s safe to say that his vision and ambition will take him to new heights and hopefully beyond.

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