How Old Are Elon Musk Kids

Elon Musk is a very well-known business magnate and investor, best known for being the founder, CEO, and lead designer of Tesla, Inc. Aside from Tesla, he also founded SpaceX, PayPal, and The Boring Company as well. Because of his success, he is often seen as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and inventors, but his personal and professional life is the most interesting thing. Once of the most interesting things about Elon Musk is his children – he has six children with his first wife, Justine Wilson and one with his second wife, Talulah Riley.

Musk’s first set of children – twins Griffin and Xavier, and triplets Damian, Saxon, Kai, and Saxon – were all born in 2006 and are now 14 years old. Musk barely saw them after deciding to get a divorce and dedicate himself entirely to his startups, even working up to 120 hours each week. After meeting his second wife Talulah, the couple welcomed their son, Nevada Alexander Musk in 2014. Nevada is currently 6 years old. Elon is also a guardian of his brother Kimbal Musk’s daughter, Isabelle.

Since his divorce, Musk has shared his custody of his children with his former wife. This year, with the pandemic, his children have had to stay with him for a large part of the year and the contact with them him open up his heart. In interviews, he has said that most of his wealth, he accumulated for them – for both to have a good life, with opportunities, and to make sure that their future is secure.

Despite his busy lifestyle, Elon Musk makes sure to be involved in the upbringing and education of his kids. In interviews, he has said that he pushes them to read science books and textbooks and make sure to challenge them and keep their minds engaged. Talking about parenting, he said, “It is important to try and encourage your kids to think for themselves and to ponder possibilities”.

Musk’s adult older children have already started exploring professions and they are off to a good start. In an interview, Justine Wilson said that most of them already have high aspirations and consider higher education very meaningful. His eldest son, Griffin, is already an entrepreneur, starting his own electric bike business, according to Bloomberg. His daughter, Xavier, is a tough volleyball player and his sons Kai, Damian, and Saxson are really getting into government and politics. His youngest son Nevada, is a bright little boy that interests his father with whether science and physics.

Regardless of the type of childhood that Musk provided to his children, it is clear that he loves them unconditionally and tries to compensate for his many professional commitments. In 2019, he inaugurated the Musk Foundation, an education-focused non-profit organization, inspired by his kids. He believes that they are the future of the world and seeing them happy and motivate is one of his biggest accomplishments as a father.


Elon Musk works hard to stay involved in his kids’ lives and make sure to educate them beyond formal school curriculums. He believes that education should not be limited to the classroom and encourages them to explore history, science, and other topics in depth. With his inspiring words, Musk drives his children to challenge themselves and take risks when it comes to learning and exploring. He believes that exploration of topics and material is the key to developing a broad and well-rounded mindset in his children.

Musk encourages his children to latch onto their curiousity and be driven by their interests. By providing them with multiple sources of materials and online classes, he offers to teach them skills like programming, coding, filmmaking, writing and more. In the same way he launched the Musk Foundation to inspire young people to become the next generation of scientists, engineers, and innovators.

Musk’s own children showcase his successful approach to education and have grown to be strong-minded individuals. His eldest son, Griffin, already has his own business and his daughter Xavier is involved in her community, acting as president of the Youth Congress. Likewise, his triplets, Damien, Saxon and Kai, are at the top of their classes and actively engage with the political world.

One of the most inspiring things about Elon Musk is his commitment to his children’s education. He does not just help them with school assignments or memorize facts for tests. He takes his children’s education to a whole other level by driving them to challenge themselves and be inquisitive. He encourages them to think freely and explore without prejudice – truly a great example of how to lead by example.

Family Life

Musk’s family life with his seven children is marked by affection and chaos. While they are a big part of his life and he is very proud of them, his time shared with them has been limited since the start of his professional career. But despite the long hours of work, Musk always makes sure to have time for his kids and do all kinds of activities with them.

Musk’s children and their mother, Justine, share holidays together and sometimes, they are also accompanied by his second wife Talulah. Musk has spoken in interviews about the joy his children bring him and how he wants to provide them with the best possible experience. Musk’s family home in California is a space of joy and happiness for his entire family and he takes every opportunity to spend some quality time with them.

Aside from formal educational activities, Musk likes to spend time with his children engaging in outdoor activities, playing recreational sports, camping, and even playing videogames. Musk proudly said in an interview that his children are some of the best video game players he knows. While Musk’s main priority is providing them with the best education, it is clear that he also wants them to have some fun.

Musk has eight children, including a stepdaughter, and the family has grown exponentially since it first begun. Though not all of his children are biologically related, Musk is known for being a father figure to all of them. He is deeply involved in their upbringing, showing them love and providing them with the guidance they need to explore the world safely and confidently.

Life Lessons

The most valuable lessons that Musk has shared with his children have nothing to do with his business conquests or tech inventions. He encourages them to always be kind and to hold their values and beliefs strongly. He also prioritizes teaching character traits that are hard to learn from books like resilience, hard work, optimism, and compassion.

As the world’s most famous entrepreneur, Musk undoubtedly has some special gems of knowledge to pass on to his kids. One of the most important ones being to never let fear keep them from achieving their dreams. He relies on his past mistakes and loves to pin them on the wall, not to glorify loss but as a reminder that failure paves the way to success. Musk also teaches his children to persevere in the face of difficulty.

One of the most important life lessons he has shared with them is to never let money dictate decisions. He encourages his children to always make decisions based on passion, values, and self-determination – and to never be influenced by money. It is clear that Musk is keen on teaching his children the importance of following their hearts and mind and to never let their materialistic needs overrule their ambitions.

Musk might be an eccentric billionaire, but the life lessons that he has passed on to his children are innate to the human experience. With his guidance, Musk has successfully raised seven strong-minded and intelligent children who, hopefully, will become the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.

Career Outlook

Musk is already a successful entrepreneur, investor, and engineer, but he has voiced his hpes to see his children succeed in their chosen paths and follow in his footsteps. He wants them to have endless possibilities and the ambition to pursue their dreams unfettered by the constraints of the world at large. But he also knows that although life experience is important for success, real success comes from pushing yourself to the limits and going beyond what does not seem possible.

In interviews, he has stated that he is prepared to provide his children with the resources to build their careers but that it is on them to put in the hard work and effort to succeed. He believes that his legacy should continue through his children, but that it must come from hard work and dedication, not from privilege. Musk wants them to stand on their own two feet and be able to take care of themselves, to be independent and create their own successes.

At the end of the day, Elon Musk is a father first and an entrepreneur second when it comes to his children. As much as he encourages them to work hard and excel, he also wants them to have a life full of joy and love, no matter which career path they choose. His love, support, and guidance are making his children into strong and determined individuals who, unarguably, will be the best people they can be.

Balancing Professional and Personal

As a business owner and entrepreneur, Musk has a lot of responsibilities and obligations, which can take a toll on his personal life. But he always finds ways to balance his life, making sure to leave some time for himself and, most importantly, for his children. Musk is aware that his busy lifestyle might take a toll on his family life, which is why he always tries to make up for his absences.

As his children are his priority, he does not let his professional obligations stop him from taking the time to spend quality time with them. He makes sure that his professional commitments do not interfere too much with his personal life and that he always tries to make up for his periodic absences.

The truth is that Elon Musk is a great father and a successful businessman – he knows how to manage his time and balance between his professional life and his family life. He is still passionate about everything he does, but he is also aware that his family should come first. Through his dedication to his children, he proves that it is possible to be both a successful entrepreneur and a great family man.

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