Is Elon Musk Anti Gay


Elon Musk is a renowned tech entrepreneur and philanthropist, whose success has enabled him to become one of the wealthiest people in the world. Since his rise to stardom, many have questioned whether the multi-billionaire is anti-gay. There have been reports of his alleged behavior towards LGBT people, as well as comments he has made about the issue, leading people to believe he holds discriminatory views.


To contrast,Musk recently took to Twitter to state that he was not “anti-LGBT” and that anyone who thought he was wrong was welcome to join him in correcting the record. There has certainly been some controversy with regards to Musk’s views on the LGBT community over the years. Shortly after launching Tesla, Musk made a statement clarifying Tesla’s anti-discrimination policy.

The impact of Musk’s statements

Musk’s statements were met with great enthusiasm by the LGBT community, but also dismay. While his comments were certainly interpreted as a message of inclusion and acceptance, some were concerned that he had not gone far enough to demonstrate a real commitment to LGBT issues.

Tesla’s Anti-Discrimination policy

Tesla has an anti-discrimination policy that covers “sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression”, and Musk has been vocal about it. In 2013, he took to Twitter to reiterate that Tesla does not “discriminate based on sexual orientation or any other basis… We don’t tolerate any kind of discrimination period.” While Musk is often outspoken about various views, this statement in particular was seen as a bold and unwavering stance on LGBT rights.

Musk’s past support of LGBT rights

Musk has been an advocate of LGBTQ rights since at least 2012, when he took a public stand in support of a California ballot measure to protect LGBT people from hate crimes and workplace discrimination. In 2017, Musk urged the US Senate to pass a sweeping LGBT rights bill which would provide additional protections for the LGBT community, including protections from workplace discrimination.

Opposition to Musk’s Policies

Despite the praise Musk has received, there are some who see his policies as inadequate. In particular, some activists claim that Tesla’s anti-discrimination policy is inadequate because it does not specify protections for transgender people. Others have taken issue with the company’s policy of allowing employees to challenge decisions they feel are unfair or unjust.

Gay rights and the Church of Scientology

Though Elon Musk has been an advocate for gay rights, he has also been associated with the Church of Scientology, which famously advocated for the removal of LGBT rights until the mid-2000s. Elon Musk’s past connections to the Church have raised questions over his stance on gay rights, despite his recent public statements of support.

Animosity Towards the Gay Community

Despite the relative silence of Musk on the issue in the past, allegations have surfaced of hostile behavior towards the LGBT community. In particular, former employees of SpaceX and Tesla have claimed that Musk has an unwelcoming attitude towards LGBT people. This has led some to question whether he is truly an ally of the LGBT community.


Ultimately, it is unclear what Elon Musk’s feelings towards the LGBT community truly are. On the one hand, he has taken a vocal stance on LGBT rights and made clear that his companies have no tolerance for discrimination. On the other hand, several reports and former employees have stated otherwise. All of this has made it difficult to definitively say whether the tech entrepreneur is an ally, or an adversary, of the LGBT community.

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