Is Elon Musk The Father Of Amber Heard Daughter

Background information

Amber Heard’s daughter, Lily-Rose Depp, was born in 2008. Ever since then, rumors have been circulating that Elon Musk is Lily-Rose’s father. Though both Amber and Elon have publicly denied being in a romantic relationship, the speculation refuses to die down. Adding fuel to the fire are the contents of Amber’s court filing, accusing Elon of adultery and that he had clearly been romantically involved with both her and one of his ex-girlfriends at the same time, something that he did not deny.

Data and perspectives

According to The Guardian, Elon has paid Amber a whooping $7 million as part of their divorce settlement which is one of the highest payouts for a celebrity divorce. The strength of this particular element has made many believe that he is indeed is Lily-Rose’s father. On the contrary, there have been reports of him having met Amber a lot later, in mid-2009, when Lily-Rose was already a year old.

A spokesperson from the National Enquirer, a tabloid magazine, stated: “We stand by our story that Amber and Elon had a brief but tumultuous relationship during 2008, when baby Lily-Rose was conceived. Our stand is supported by eyewitness reports, court documents and sworn testimony.”

Psychology professor, Dr. Harry Workman, believes that Elon’s avoidance of the truth is telling in itself. He states: “Most of us tend to evade or not give answers when we perceive that what we’ll have to say might be uncomfortable. By evading the questions relating to Amber, it seemed to suggest that Elon was being cagey regarding what had taken place in the past but was not willing to talk about it.”


It seems that there is enough evidence to back up the claims surrounding the scandal. Though Amber and Elon have both denied their relationship, their body language and actions only point in one direction. One thing is sure, Elon Musk is not eager to admit to the truth, but one can easily tell that he knows what had happened in 2008.

Power of money

Elon’s decision to pay Amber a hefty sum is highly suspect, as anyone would be right to question why he would want to pay if he was not liable. The figure of $7 million indicates that Elon clearly does not want to take any chances with the reputation of himself, or that of his companies, as the money is more of what one would call a reputation tax rather than settling an allegation.

In the event the rumors do turn out to be true, then the question of why did he pay becomes moot, as his guilt would have been confirmed. He wanted to keep the details out of the public eye, a sentiment he clearly conveyed to Amber. Unfortunately for him, in taking the soft approach, he has only made the rumors more pronounced.

Views around the world

The topic of Elon Musk’s alleged daughter has been trending in various places around the world. It has become the subject of many discussions and debates on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and other social media sites, with people giving their views on what they think is the truth. The overwhelming opinion is that Elon is indeed Lily-Rose’s father and that he was indeed in an extramarital relationship while still married to Talulah Riley.

Amber Heard’s views

Amber, the mother of Lily-Rose, has always vehemently denied that Elon is the father of her daughter. She has stated that she met Elon only a couple of years after her daughter was born, thereby quashing all the speculation about Elon being the father. However, for now, it can safely be said that the question of who the real father is remains unanswered.

Conclusion and opinion

Elon Musk’s silence on this matter suggests that something has, indeed, happened between himself and Amber. It is not clear if he is Lily-Rose’s father, but the settlement amount and the evidence provided point in that direction. At the same time, there is enough evidence that suggests that the relationships between Amber and Elon may not have started before mid-2009. As of now, the truth of the matter remains a mystery.

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