What Anime Does Elon Musk Like

Relationship with Complex Characters

Elon Musk is known to be a meticulous observer and innovator. He is entirely self-taught and known to look for the clever connections between science, technology and art in everything he does. His enthusiasm for Anime is probably no exception either. He is known to be a fan of many Anime series, especially those which contain complex characters, storylines and worlds.
As a fan of the genre, Elon Musk has expressed interest in the psychological, unique and dark depictions of characters often found in Anime. Choosing to delve deeper into the art of animation and explore the hidden layer of meaning within its dynamic story-telling, Elon Musk enjoys and appreciates the great depth of character development that Anime shows can sometimes offer.

Favourite Characters, Genres and Series

Elon Musk’s specific favourite characters, genres and series is likely to vary. He has expressed admiration for a variety of existing Anime series. Some names may or may not include the classic anime series ‘Naruto’, ‘Gurren Lagann’, ‘Death Note’ or ‘Attack on Titan’.
It is also possible that Musk is keen to watch the series ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’, made by Japanese studio ‘Gainax’. As a huge fan of science-fiction and a self-confessed ‘nerd’, Elon Musk may have seen this classic anime series and perhaps even been influenced by it.

A Shared Nerd Culture and Passion

Elon Musk and Anime have always shared an intriguing connection. As mentioned before, his passion for complex, psychological and intellectual characters and storylines is something common between the two.
In particular, the movies ‘Blade Runner 2049’ and ‘Akira’, two classic science-fiction pieces considered to be among the greatest ever made, share a great many narrative similarities with the vast majority of episodes featuring within the most popular Anime series.
Likewise, Elon Musk’s growing enthusiasm for video games and his fondness of classic titles such as ‘Fallout 3’ or ‘Half-Life 2’ may have been influenced by the universe of Anime – being derived from the same shared cultural expanse.

Link to Popularity

The global success and fast growth of Anime seems to be, in part, owed to tech-savvy entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk. He is known to utilise his platform and presence in promoting the industry and exposing a vast number of global audiences to the art form and its multifaceted narratives.
Musk’s deep admiration and calculated interest in Anime also reinforces and gives validity to the medium’s almost therapeutic nature, giving viewers an escape into fantastical realms – often only made possible by the rise of technology and the internet.

Making Anime Mainstream

There is a realisation amongst Anime supporters that the medium’s narrative sophistication can still be largely unknown to the mainstream public. Notably, Elon Musk, is well-aware of this and his engagement with various subreddits and streaming websites devoted to Anime prove his eagerness to make the art form mainstream.
To approximate this goal, Musk has utilised his considerable platform to promote certain Anime shows and characters to his vast number of followers and admirers. This proactive engagement and presence has even been said to be the main direct cause for the recent record-breaking success of certain Anime series such as ‘Death Note’ and ‘One Piece’.

Popularity Impacting Storylines

Elon Musk’s undeniable presence in the Anime space has brought with it its own set of unexpected consequences too. Owners of studios producing popular series such as ‘One Piece’ and ‘Fullmetal Alchemist’ have openly acknowledged to taking words of encouragement and ideas from the famous entrepreneur – in order to elevate the upcoming story-lines.
Most anime followers agree that this proactive involvement has been a positive thing – Musk’s ideas, judgements and feedback are often seen as bringing a newfound level of realism and conscientiousness to the art form.In this same way Musk’s fondness for the medium has encouraged its producers to create even more groundbreaking stories and concepts.

Interest in Anime Subculture

Elon Musk’s recent promotion of Anime across various channels has emerged for more than just entertainment purposes. He has expressed his desire to discover the truths behind its various themes, mental states, ideas and elements of creativity – which he effortlessly extracts from it.
The ‘smart businessman’ is understood to be heavily involved with Anime conventions and events, in order to meet other Anime lovers, gain new perspectives and insights, learn from and engage in the thriving Anime subculture. He has already given away numerous prizes at a variety of well-known Anime-related events and accompanied talks.

Encouraging Diversity

Elon Musk’s awareness of Anime’s potential to reach new global audiences is unprecedented. His embracement of its medium has often coincided with his fight for multiculturalism and gender equality.
For instance, Elon has generously donated millions of dollars to ComicLab, the “faith-affirming fusion of science and spirit”, an incredible initiative that strives towards increasing the inclusion, representation and visibility of diverse narratives across the Anime platform.

Encouraging Investment

Elon Musk’s enthusiasm for the Anime industry has been continually supported by his substantial financial investment in the same – investing millions into the industry and its production studios over the years. In the light of this, the studios behind beloved Anime classic such as ‘Gurren Lagann’, ‘Naruto’, and ‘Death Note’ have expanded greatly and increased their production thanks to Musk’s philanthropy and expansive backing.

An Unpredictable Future

Elon Musk’s commitment to the Anime culture and genre still continues to this day and his influence in the industry is enormous. He is known to be one of the biggest fans and supporters of the medium and all it has to offer.
Many predictors, however, argue that the unpredictability of Elon Musk and the Anime industry together might mean changes in the format, content and technology in the future. Taking the Anime-sphere down to directions never before explored. It is certain that the Anime industry will be in for some extremely exciting times ahead with Elon Musk’s audacious concepts and calculated decisions driving it into the future.

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