What Boots Does Elon Musk Wear

Elon Musk’s Favoured Footwear

Elon Musk is one of the world’s most successful tech entrepreneurs, and his style choices are just as iconic as his immense bank account. Boot-wise, Elon stands firmly in the camp of boots-over-shoes, opting for classic styles of leather and canvas. Elon’s love of boots is undeniable, but the exact brand and model of his favourite pair of boots is still something of a mystery.
The searching public have tried to uncover the secret of Elon’s boot wardrobe. Fashion bloggers have devoted blog posts and entire websites to stalking and decoding the enigma that is Elon’s footwear. StreetStyle-watchers have spotted Elon in a number of iconic boots, from classic leather hiking boots to rugged saddle-style worn over jeans.

The Process of Making a Boot

The truth is that a pair of boots can take anywhere from two weeks to two months to make, depending on how customised, high-quality and detail-oriented the order is. The process of making a boot is long and involved, requiring two separate steps. First, the leather upper and sole are formed out of combination of leather and/or fabric using either a hand-shaped lasts or prefabricated patterns. Following this, a cobbler assembles these components to complete the boot.

Elon Musk’s Boots

It is fair to assume that Elon Musk wears the high-end and extremely expensive boots; they may cost several hundred dollars, but they will last forever if well-maintained. Judging by his style and the brands that he favours, they are mostly likely made by bespoke companies, such as Berluti and Red Wing, as well as small independent boot makers. He has also been spotted wearing Dr. Martens and even combat boots.
Elon’s love for boots isn’t limited to the office. He is often spotted in classic workwear-style boots, such as Timberland and Red Wing boots. He favours the classic “less-is-more” look and often pairs his straight-leg jeans, flannel shirts and tees with a tried-and-true pair of boots for a rugged and timeless look.

The Costs of Premium Boots

Premium boots can be a financially daunting prospect, but if you’re fortunate enough to own a pair, you’ll be guaranteed a level of quality that’s well-worth the investment. These boots are built to last, crafted from materials that are made to withstand the test of time. They can also be refinished and re-crafted to extend the life of the boot. Of course, the costs of premium boots can run up into the hundreds of dollars, but even still, the level of craftsmanship is something to marvel at.

Taking Care of Your Boots

For those who are lucky enough to have a pair of Elon Musk’s favourite boots, proper maintenance and care is essential. The leather uppers of a quality pair of boots can be easily rendered worthless if the leather is not regularly treated. With the proper cleaning, conditioning and protection, a pair of premium boots can last for decades with no signs of decay or wear.

Looking for Boots Like Elon Musk?

When looking for a quality pair of boots like those worn by Elon Musk, searching for the perfect balance of style and comfort is essential. Generally, the more expensive the item, the better its construction and quality. It’s also important to ensure that the boots you choose have a roomy toe-box and that you go to a store with a knowledgeable staff so that you can get advice on how to properly care for your boots.

In Summary

The type of boots that Elon Musk wears is still somewhat of a mystery, but it is fair to assume that he chooses high-end and extremely durable boot brands. Premium boots can be an expensive investment, but with proper care and maintenance, a quality pair of boots can last for years. Lastly, when looking for a pair of boots, it is important to find the perfect balance of style and comfort.

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