What Did Elon Musk Say About Amber

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, said he wanted to create an Amber drone that could help alleviate traffic congestion. He said it could be almost four times faster than the average car and faster than any existing vehicle on the road.

In a live webcast, Musk described Amber as an autonomous, electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft that could fit into a lane of traffic and be as quiet as a helicopter. It would have no risk of stalls and would be able to land vertically on the street. He said it would be easy to operate, quiet, and emission-free.

Musk said the flight would be powered by a “seven -dimensional thrust vectoring engine”, allowing the aircraft to be agile and maneuverable. The vehicle would also be controlled by Artificial Intelligence (AI), meaning it can be piloted autonomously, or with minimal human input.

Musk said the ambition project was difficult to engineer because of the complexity and the need to make the aircraft lightweight, while also being energy efficient. He said the team has solved that problem by engineering the aircraft from the ground up, from the bottom up, with the result being that the better the software, the lighter the aircraft could be.

Musk believes Amber could significantly reduce traffic on roads and improve travel times for people. He said the aircraft could fly up to 150mph, be able to travel up to 60 miles on a single charge, and could fly a total of 450 miles if it was fully refueled and recharged. Musk also believes it will be a substantially cheaper option for consumers than owning a car.

Musk said Amber has the potential to revolutionize travel, reduce gridlock and make cities more livable and that the team is working hard to make it a reality. He added that the team is currently working on the engineering needed to make it safe.

Cost and Efficiency of Amber

Musk’s team believes that Amber is not just incredibly fast, but also incredibly efficient. They say that the aircraft will be eight to 12 times more efficient than ground transportation and that it will also be cost-effective. Musk said Amber will be cheaper than a car and could cost somewhere between the cost of an economy and premium car.

Amber will also be powered by renewable sources of energy, such as solar, reducing its environmental impact even further. Musk said Tesla plans to use recycled batteries from its electric cars in Amber to reduce its cost and environmental footprint.

The company plans to leverage its vehicle-management platform to monitor the aircraft’s performance, including its speed and power consumption, and to adjust the aircraft’s battery usage for maximum efficiency.

Musk also said that the team is working on ways to recharge Amber during flight or while it is parked to maximize its efficiency.

Safety of Amber

When it comes to safety, Musk said that his team is committed to making sure that Amber is the safest aircraft in the sky. He said the aircraft will be outfitted with a range of sensors, including cameras, radar and lidar, that will employ real-time data to make sure that the aircraft knows its surroundings and can take immediate action should an emergency arise.

Musk said that Amber will also be equipped with failsafe mechanisms, such as an autopilot that will take over in the event of a pilot error, and a parachute system that will enable it to safely return to the ground in the event of an emergency.

The aerospace manufacturer will also be conducting extensive simulation testing to ensure that the aircraft is as safe as possible. Musk said the team is making use of virtual testing, in which the aircraft is put through its paces in a digital world before it is tested in the real world.


Musk said that when it comes to regulations, his team will be working closely with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and other worldwide authorities to ensure that the aircraft is safe and meets all existing regulations. He said the team is already having constructive conversations with global regulators to ensure that Amber can be approved for human transportation.

Musk said that the team will also be working to create a network of facilities where passengers will be able to board and disembark the aircraft, as well as utilize the solar-charging docks set up at those facilities.

The team also plans to collaborate with cities to create designated take-off and landing areas, as well as create a fleet of charging stations that will be located near Amber’s final destinations.


Musk said that Amber is still in its early stages, but the team is currently working on the engineering and simulation work that is needed to move the project forward. He said that the team is aiming to have Amber ready for commercial operations within the next two to three years.

He also said that the team is actively recruiting and hiring top aerospace engineers, manufacturers and other experts to help with the development and manufacturing of Amber. He said the company is also looking for strategic partners and investors to help move the project forward.

Future of Amber

Musk said that, if successful, Amber could be the start of something big. He said the goal is to make personal urban air travel commonplace and to help alleviate the congestion and pollution plaguing many cities around the world.

He added that if the team is successful, the technology used in Amber could be the first of many applications for autonomous travel. He said that this could include autonomous air taxis, delivery drones, and eventually even intercity transport.

Public Response

Musk’s announcement of Amber has attracted a lot of attention from members of the public. Many have expressed their excitement at the prospect of such a revolutionary new mode of transportation and were eager to find out more. Others were more skeptical, with some expressing concerns about safety and noise pollution in urban areas.

Musk has said the team is committed to ensuring Amber is as safe as possible and addressing any potential noise concerns. He said the team is confident that Amber will be safer than any existing form of transportation, citing the use of autonomous technology, redundancy systems, and advanced sensors.


Musk’s Amber project is ambitious, to say the least. If successful, it could revolutionize urban transportation and make cities more livable and efficient. The team is currently working on the engineering and simulation work needed to make Amber a reality and Musk’s team is confident that the aircraft will be safe and efficient. Only time will tell if Amber will ever become a reality.

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