What Does Elon Musk Want To Do In The Future


Elon Musk is one of the most innovative and influential figures in the world of business today. He has single-handedly transformed multiple industries, including electric vehicles, energy storage, outer space exploration, and artificial intelligence. But what does he want to do in the future? In this article, we explore some of the ambitious projects that make up Musk’s long-term vision and provide an overview of their potential significance.

The Tesla Revolution

Musk’s most ambitious project to date is Tesla, his electric car manufacturer. Since its launch in 2003, Tesla has become one of the world’s leading automakers and a force for innovation in the automotive industry. Musk has ambitious plans to revolutionize transportation with the Tesla car, from introducing fully autonomous vehicles to providing sustainable energy sources for charging stations. He even wants to launch a fleet of electric trucks in 2019.

Space Exploration

Musk is also a passionate advocate for space exploration. He is the CEO of SpaceX, a commercial space exploration company with the stated goal of making it possible for humans to colonize Mars. He recently announced his plan to send a two-person crew to Mars by 2021 as well as a larger spacecraft to transport up to 100 passengers by 2022. Musk has also proposed building a giant solar-powered spacecraft, capable of sending up to 1 million people to Mars by 2050.

Artificial Intelligence

As a prominent entrepreneur and futurist, Musk has expressed his strong interest in the potential of artificial intelligence (AI). He is one of the most vocal critics of the dangers that AI could pose in the future and has personally invested in research into AI safety. He has also made significant contributions to the development of AI through his investments in OpenAI, a research institute dedicated to minimizing the potential risks of AI.


The Hyperloop is one of Musk’s lesser-known projects but it’s still an ambitious venture. It is a proposed high-speed transportation system that would travel between major cities at speeds of over 700 miles per hour. The idea has generated a lot of interest from companies and investors around the world, and Musk has stated that he hopes to have the network up and running within the next decade.

The Gigafactory

Musk’s vision also extends to energy, with the construction of the Gigafactory, a massive battery manufacturing plant located in Nevada. This facility is anticipated to produce enough batteries to power 500,000 Tesla cars, which would represent a major breakthrough for the electric vehicle industry.

The Boring Company

The Boring Company is yet another of Musk’s ambitious projects. It is a tunneling company which, according to Musk, will make it possible to build tunnels and infrastructure to support the Hyperloop system. The company has already dug several test tunnels in the Los Angeles area and is looking to spread the scope of its projects in the future.

The SolarCity Expansion

Finally, Musk has set his sights on expanding his solar energy business, SolarCity. The company is currently researching innovative approaches to solar energy, including the development of solar roofs, which would integrate solar cells into the architecture of homes. Musk recently revealed plans to deploy 1 million solar roofs by 2020, as well as a goal to power the entire world with solar energy by 2050.

Analysis & Insights

Musk’s vision encompasses a wide range of industries and technologies, from transportation and energy to artificial intelligence and space exploration. While some of his projects may seem out of reach at the moment, many of them have the potential to significantly transform the world. His ambitious projects could have a lasting and positive impact on millions of people around the world, as well as propel humanity towards a more sustainable and technologically advanced future.

Expert Opinion

Experts in the fields of engineering, economics and technology consider Musk’s projects highly ambitious but achievable. Many industry leaders see the potential of his initiatives and are confident that with continued investment, Musk will be successful in achieving his goals. Jack Ma, the CEO of Chinese conglomerate Alibaba Group, has commented that Musk “has a great sense of direction” and his company is already investing in some of these projects.

Environmental Impact

Musk’s projects have the potential to have an immense environmental impact. For example, the sustainable approach to transportation that Tesla is pioneering relies on renewable energy sources, reducing air pollution and carbon emissions. The SolarCity expansion could be a game changer in the global fight against climate change, as it would provide access to clean energy for millions of people. The Hyperloop transportation system would significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to travel between cities.

Economic Impact

Musk’s initiatives could also bring great economic opportunities to many countries around the world. For instance, the introduction of the Tesla Roadster in China has already been a success and has opened up a huge new market in the country. The Hyperloop network could create new jobs and business opportunities, while the deployment of solar roofs could provide millions of people with access to low-cost energy.

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