What Elon Musk Stocks Can You Buy

Elon Musk, the tech visionary and entrepreneur behind Tesla, SpaceX, and many other successful companies, has helped to revolutionize the auto industry, space exploration, and much more. His vision and determination have created a number of high-profile investments that investors may be interested in. So, what Elon Musk stocks can you buy?

In terms of tech stocks that make up Musk’s portfolio, Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) is definitely at the top of the list. Tesla is the world’s leading electric car maker and is responsible for several breakthroughs in clean transportation. Since its beginnings in 2003, Tesla shares have risen more than 10,000%, making it one of the top-performing stocks of the last two decades. Its share price fell at the start of 2020, but has since gone up to nearly 4 times its starting price, making Tesla a great investment for those looking to diversify their portfolio.

Musk is also directly invested in SpaceX (SPCE), the space exploration company he founded in 2002. SpaceX is dedicated to making space exploration affordable, and has already achieved a number of successes, including launching payloads into orbit and transporting humans to the International Space Station. SpaceX’s primary commercial business is launching payloads into Low Earth Orbit (LEO) on behalf of customers, and it plans to eventually expand its services to Mars. It recently went public, and its stock has risen impressively since then, making it an attractive investment for those interested in the space industry.

The Boring Company (BORC) is another company that Musk has founded and is personally invested in. The Boring Company is responsible for a number of construction projects, such as tunnels in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, that are designed to reduce traffic and make transportation more efficient. The company is still relatively new and its stock is not publicly traded, but it has potential for future growth and could be an attractive investment for those interested in urban infrastructure.

SolarCity (SCTY) is another company worth considering, as Musk served as chairman of the board and was a major shareholder when the company launched in 2006. SolarCity is one of the largest installers of solar panels in the United States, and offers customers a way to generate their own electricity and reduce their energy costs. SolarCity also went public in 2012, and its share price has gone up significantly since then, making it a good investment for those looking to support renewable energy.

Finally, there are a few other companies that Elon Musk is affiliated with, though his involvement may be more indirect. For example, he holds a large stake in OpenAI, an artificial intelligence research lab that he helped to found, and is an advisor to DeepMind, a Google-owned AI research lab. Both companies are important players in the AI space, and while they are not publicly traded, they are worth noting due to Musk’s involvement.

Other Elon Musk Ventures

Apart from his direct investments, Elon Musk has been involved in several other venture capital and technology investments. For example, he is a major shareholder in Obvious Ventures, an early-stage venture capital fund, as well as several other venture funds. He also helped to co-found and invest in X.com, which eventually merged with PayPal and became a part of eBay. Consequently, he holds a stake in eBay, as well as a number of other publicly traded technology companies.

Another one of Musk’s investments is his involvement in Hyperloop, a high-speed transportation concept that he introduced in 2013. The technology is still in development, but could revolutionize public transportation if it is successful. While it is not yet publicly traded, there are several companies that are working to bring Hyperloop to life, and it could be worth watching as it is developed.

Musk is also a major shareholder in Nueralink, a neurotechnology startup that is developing implantable brain chips to enhance human cognitive ability. This is still a nascent technology and is not yet available to the public, but it could offer an innovative new way to treat various medical conditions, as well as provide enhanced abilities to those who are willing to give it a try.

Impact on the Business World

Elon Musk’s investments have had a major impact on the business world. His investments in Tesla and SpaceX, in particular, have helped to advance technological innovation and propel a new generation of entrepreneurs. For example, his success with Tesla has led to increased investment in electric vehicles, with many other automotive companies following suit. Similarly, his work with SpaceX has revolutionized space exploration and helped to reduce the cost of sending payloads into space. These investments have had a real impact on the world of business, and have helped to shape the future of technology.

Musk’s investments have also had a major impact on the stock market. His investments in Tesla and SpaceX, in particular, have helped to drive stock prices higher and make them attractive investments for those looking to diversify their portfolios. Similarly, his involvement in other ventures, such as Hyperloop and Neuralink, have helped to bring attention to emerging technologies and create increased interest in their stocks.

Finally, Musk’s involvement in the venture capital space has also been impactful. His involvement in Obvious Ventures, in particular, has helped to fund a number of innovative startups and help them succeed. His influence has encouraged other venture funds to invest in more risky and innovative ventures, helping to stimulate the economy and spur further innovation.

Risks Involved

While Musk’s investments have proven to be successful for many investors, there are still risks to be aware of. His involvement in emerging technologies, such as Hyperloop and Neuralink, is highly speculative, and the potential for failure is high. Similarly, his investments in public companies such as Tesla and SpaceX can be volatile, and the shares could lose value if the companies fail to meet expectations.

Investing in Musk’s ventures can also be a risky proposition due to his involvement in other businesses. For example, his involvement in Tesla has led some investors to be overly optimistic about the company’s potential, which could lead to overly risky investments. Similarly, his involvement in venture capital firms can lead to overinvestment in certain companies that may not be successful.

Finally, investing in Musk’s businesses has the potential to be more of a gamble than a sound investment strategy. While his businesses have had impressive returns, their success is largely dependent upon his ability to continue to innovate and push the boundaries of technology. That being said, if you’re looking for a higher risk/reward investment, then Musk’s businesses may be worth considering.

The Bottom Line

Elon Musk has proven to be a savvy investor and his investments have had a major impact on the world of business. His direct investments in Tesla, SpaceX, and other ventures have proven to be profitable, and his involvement in venture capital and technology is helping to spur further innovation. While his investments can be risky, they could be a good option for those looking for higher returns.

International Reach

The success of Musk’s investments has largely been seen in the United States and Europe, as most of his investments are based in these regions. However, he has also made investments and formed partnerships in Asia and other parts of the world. For example, he is an investor in Indus Intelligence, an AI startup based in Singapore, as well as in China’s Weilai, an electric car manufacturer. Additionally, he has joined forces with Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani to bring Tesla’s electric vehicles to India.

Musk’s investments in Asia and other regions have not only helped to spread his influence worldwide, but also opened up new markets for his various companies. For example, Tesla’s entry into India could spur the growth of the electric vehicle market in the region and help to accelerate the shift towards cleaner transportation. Similarly, his investments in AI startups could help to spur further innovation in the field, and benefit not just the United States, but the world as a whole.

Environmental Impact

In addition to being a savvy investor, Elon Musk is also a major proponent of renewable energy. His investments in companies such as SolarCity, Tesla, and SpaceX are helping to reduce global emissions and accelerate the shift towards cleaner and more sustainable energy sources. Moreover, his investments in transportation companies, such as Hyperloop and the Boring Company, are helping to reduce our reliance on cars and reduce traffic-related emissions.

Musk’s investments are also helping to create jobs in the renewable energy and clean technology sectors, further boosting the economy. For example, Tesla alone employs more than 35,000 people, and that number is expected to grow as the company continues to expand. Similarly, SpaceX has created thousands of jobs in the space exploration sector, while The Boring Company has opened up new opportunities in the engineering and construction fields.

The bottom line is that Musk’s investments are having a major impact on the global economy and environment. They are helping to shift society towards a more sustainable and forward-thinking future, and that is something that should not be overlooked.

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