What Is Elon Musk And Grimes Baby’s Name

Elon Musk and his partner, the artist Grimes, recently welcomed a baby boy into the world and the internet has been going crazy trying to figure out what the couple named their newborn. Well, the answer is in and it’s certainly an interesting name for a bright and energetic star kid.

Grimes and Elon Musk’s choice of baby name is X Æ A-12, also known as X Ash Archangel, a reference to the couple’s favorite aircraft. The name has generated a lot of buzz on the internet, but some people have expressed difficulty in pronouncing it.

But the baby’s name is not the only thing that people are talking about; they are also discussing the potential meanings behind the name, as well as its legal implications.

For those wondering what it means, the “X” has been described as an “unknown variable” by Musk. While the “Æ” is a letter in the Danish and Old Norse alphabets, which is pronounced as “Ash.” The A-12 in the name is a reference to the Lockheed A-12 aircraft, which was developed by a team of scientists in the 1960s and was the precursor to the modern-day SR-71 Blackbird spy plane.

Experts have weighed in on the legal implications of the name and it turns out that in California, where the baby was born, there are laws in place governing what characters can be included in names. Since X and Æ are not part of the accepted character set for names, in order for the couple to legally change their baby’s name to X Æ A-12, they would need to modify it with a series of superscript characters.

Apart from the legal implications, people have also discussed the potential cultural implications of the name and raised questions of whether it’s a sign that the parents are trying to create a new way of raising their child, one that will stand out. Emphasizing their unconventional approach, the couple chose to go with an unconventional name, opting for a name that will be hard to forget.


Although the couple has not spoken publicly about the deeper meaning of the name, experts are theorizing that the use of the letter X might be an homage to both Musk and Grimes’ mothers, Maye and Sandy, respectively. The letter X is often used as a placeholder for unknowns, and many suggest that the name could represent a representation of the Utopian history that the couple looks to create.

Additionally, some experts suggest that the “A-12” portion of the name could be a nod to the famous aircraft its derived from. The A-12 was designed to break the sound barrier and some believe that the name reflects the couple’s ambition for their son to reach for the impossible in his life.

Social Media Reactions

Naturally, the internet was buzzing with reactions to the baby’s interesting name. Many people had strong opinions about the name and shared their thoughts on social media. Some have praised Musk and Grimes for their unique choice while others have criticized the couple for their decision.

The name has definitely created a lot of conversations and many believe that it has the potential to become a lasting trend. The name has already seen a surge in popularity, with numerous social media users changing their usernames to XÆA-12.

Implications for the Future

Although the internet is still buzzing about the new baby name, the long-term implications it may have on the couple’s son is yet to be seen. How will he stand out with a name like that? Can a name like this truly prepare him for what lies ahead? Only time will tell.

But one thing’s for sure; people will be talking about this unique name well beyond the birth of this new celebrity baby. X Æ A-12 may become a permanent part of popular culture, a way to remember the impact the couple has had on this world.

Cultural Resonance

In addition to internet chatter, the name has sparked conversations about culture and history. People are considering whether it is a sign of progress from traditional ways of naming a baby and understanding what is considered “normal” when it comes to choosing a name for a newborn.

At the same time, conversations about the importance of culture and language are resurfacing, as Grimes’s affiliation with the Danish language is forcing many to consider the implications of the use of characters not included in the English alphabet.

Educational Implications

The implications of a name like X Æ A-12 also go beyond culture, language and celebrity status. This name could influence the way language is taught in schools, as well as open up conversation about employing new characters in names. Additionally, teachers could use this example to foster conversations about creativity and the possibilities that come with such thinking.


Finally, the baby’s name has raised questions of legality, leading some to consider what their states’ laws dictate when it comes to names. Although only a few states, such as California and New York, are currently requiring parents to modify names which contain any characters outside of the accepted list when it comes to name changes, the baby’s name could push other states to consider reviewing their laws.

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