When Did Grimes Meet Elon Musk

Grimes and Elon Musk first met at the Hollywood red carpet premiere for the movie “Blade Runner 2049” in 2017. They had been talking on social media for nine months prior to this. Both of them had previously expressed admiration for each other’s creative projects.

Since then, Grimes and Musk have appeared in several high-profile magazines, TV shows, and music videos. They have been featured together on the cover of Vogue and have appeared on multiple talk shows and podcasts. They even had a joint interview for GQ Magazine. This power couple has gained international notoriety for their eccentricities and their shared interest in technology and innovation.

Their relationship has been described as one of opposites attract. They both come from incredibly different backgrounds. Grimes is an accomplished singer, songwriter and producer, while Musk is one of the world’s most influential innovators and entrepreneurs. Some experts have speculated that the two’s relationship remains strong due to their mutual acceptance and admiration of each other’s achievements.

Their differing backgrounds also extend to their outlooks on life. While Grimes is known for her art-infused pop music and surreal artwork, Musk is celebrated for his high-tech aspirations and dreams of space travel. Despite their starkly different artistic styles, the two seem to have found common ground. Musk admitted in interviews that he gets inspiration from Grimes’ creative perspective.

The couple have also raised eyebrows from media around the world for their wedding, where they held a grand ceremony at the SpaceX factory in Texas. They also received criticism from the press for their unusual choice to name one of their sons, X Æ A-Xii. However, the couple has stood their ground in the face of criticism and embraced their individualities.

Many have speculated about the longevity of their relationship. In July 2019, the two called it quits, though it’s unclear if they remained close friends afterwards. Despite a brief parting of ways, Musk and Grimes remain a unique couple in the public spotlight who have achieved tremendous success in their respective fields.

Family Life

Grimes and Elon Musk have certainly made headlines in recent years, especially after the birth of their children together. The couple welcomed a son, X Æ A–Xii, in May 2020 and a daughter in 2021. Musk was formerly known to be a father of five, including two sons and a daughter from his first wife, Justine Wilson.

Fans have speculated about the couple’s private moments and the way they raise their children. Behavioral experts have noted that household dynamics are greatly affected when members of a family come from varied backgrounds and have opposing views. It remains to be seen how Grimes and Musk will navigate the changing dynamics in their family, but at present both of them seem to be very hands-on parents.

The couple have often shared pictures of their kids on social media. Grimes has admitted to seeking advice from fellow parents when it comes to raising her kids. The couple has also revealed that their kids share an interest in music and creativity, with Grimes mentioning that they have already begun developing their talents in these areas.

Grimes has also shared some of her parenting philosophies. She has stated that her aim is to raise her kids with a sense of responsibility towards the environment and to instill respect for others. Musk has not made any explicit comments about his parenting style but is known to support his children in their creative endeavors.


Grimes and Musk first came together due to their shared passion for creativity, technology and innovation. Grimes is an accomplished musician and visual artist who has released five studio albums, as well as numerous art projects. Her style has been described as “prismatic,” with her work often reflecting her interests in technology, sci-fi and mythology.

Musk is one of the world’s most innovative leaders. He is the founder of several companies, including Tesla and SpaceX, and he has been praised for his forward-looking and entrepreneurial spirit. Musk is one of the wealthiest people in the world and is often hailed as a paragon of modern-day creativity and innovation.

Grimes and Musk have often commented on their mutual admiration for each other’s contributions to their respective fields. Though Grimes was initially skeptical of Musk’s ideas, she eventually came around to see the potential of his work. Likewise, Musk has praised Grimes for her boundary-pushing artistry and open-mindedness.

Grimes and Musk have not been seen together since their split in 2019. Musk continues to focus on his ventures in space exploration, while Grimes has ventured further into the tech industry. She recently collaborated with a virtual reality game company and is currently working on a futuristic app.


Though Grimes and Musk are both celebrated figures in their respective fields, they have experienced several controversies throughout their relationship. Musk’s public persona has often been criticized for his eccentric behavior and his brash comments. Grimes has also been called out for her adoption of several offensive and outdated stereotypes.

The couple has been criticized for their apparent disregard for boundaries. They have shared personal details about their relationship and family life on social media, and Musk has often taken to Twitter to post outbursts about his views on topics such as artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency. Their celebrity status has led some to label their behavior as self-aggrandizing and immature.

The couple has also been criticized for their use of social media. They have been accused of using their platforms to leverage their celebrity status and engage in controversial topics. Some experts have argued that their influence has caused many of their followers to align with their views and beliefs without proper consideration.

The press has raised concerns about the couple’s ability to raise their children responsibly amid their public controversies. Though Grimes has insulated her children from much of the media’s criticism, Musk has continued to engage in public spats, even after the couple’s split.

Work Together

Grimes and Musk have collaborated on several projects throughout their relationship. Grimes appeared in the video for Musk’s video game startup, Neuralink, which showcased an artificial brain-machine interface. She appears throughout the video and has commented that she was inspired by Musk’s vision and creativity. Grimes was also the co-director of last year’s “Poser” music video.

In 2017, Musk was part of Grimes’ Kannibalism tour where he appeared onstage as his rapper alter ego, Eminem. The couple has collaborated on several songs, such as “Life Under Pressure” and “Inner City Courtship.” Grimes has acknowledged that working with Musk has allowed her to push boundaries with her music and explore new creative avenues.

Grimes and Musk recently collaborated on an art exhibition for their son, which included a series of paintings and sculptures that the couple had created together. The exhibit was released on the artist’s website and gained acclaim from the art world. It is yet to be seen what future collaborations the couple may have in store.


In addition to their creative projects, Grimes and Musk have demonstrated their dedication to philanthropy. Musk is known for his support of various causes and is a vocal advocate of sustainable energy sources. He has donated millions of dollars to charitable organizations and research institutes.

Grimes has also been vocal about her philanthropy. She has used her platform to support several causes and organizations, including mental health awareness and wildlife conservation. The couple has also launched a charity fund that supports emerging artists and underprivileged youth.

In recent years, Grimes and Musk have also addressed one of their philanthropic goals: sustainability. Musk has invested billions into green energy projects and research. Meanwhile, Grimes has been vocal about her commitment to a sustainable lifestyle. She has spoken out against the overuse of plastics and advocated for reduced meat consumption.

Grimes and Musk have been praised for their philanthropic efforts and their commitment to sustainability. Their success in their respective industries has enabled them to make major contributions to the world. Their influence has inspired others to echo their example of philanthropy and environmental responsibility.

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