Where To Meet Elon Musk

Tesla Invents and Invites

Elon Musk’s influence on the modern world can’t be underestimated. This tech mogul has created numerous innovative companies, some of which have shaken the very foundations of the global economy.

For instance, the widely-known electric car company Tesla has revolutionized how we think about both Sustainable Energy and Automation technologies. So, if you want to meet the man who singlehandedly created a global shift to an electric car market, Tesla’s headquarters in Palo Alto, California is the best place to start your journey.

Tesla’s popularity among tech entrepreneurs, industry experts, and innovators is undeniable. Being the strategic leader of such a global enterprise, Musk often hosts meetings, seminars and conferences at the company’s facility. Therefore, attending and participating in a Tesla-sponsored event is an excellent opportunity to meet Elon Musk.

Moreover, you can take part in occasional career events, events on sustainability and other seminars that go by the name ‘Tesla Invent & Invite’ and which Elon Musk personally attends. For example, in 2017 at one of the Tesla Invent & Invite seminars held in Los Angeles, Elon Musk spoke about Tesla’s new goals and technologies. That gave a great chance to ordinary people to discuss business and technology development with a true visionary.

You may also try participating in or attending a tech and business-related TED Talk. Being backed by influential tech giants, TED hosts some of the most exclusive seminars. Elon Musk is often invited to appear at these events, so it’s worth keeping an eye on TED’s announcements and calendar. During these open-to-the-public events, you can interact directly with Musk and even receive personalized advice.

That said, investing in SpaceX and Solarcity stock is another way to meet Elon Musk. The tech mogul himself often presents at quarterly investor meetings, so if you own any stocks in either of these companies, they’ll usually send invitations as soon as a meeting is scheduled. Unfortunately, such events are by invitation only.

Coding Events

Another way to meet Elon Musk is to participate in coding or engineering-related events. Since coding and engineering are at the foundation of Musk’s success, he often holds events related to these topics. For example, in 2015 he spoke at the World Serverless Computing Conference in San Francisco. This event can be said to be open to the public and you might want to consider attending it.

Moreover, attending various hackathons which Musk is a regular visitor of, is always a great option. In 2016, at a hackathon in San Francisco, Musk participated in a panel of technology experts and enthusiastically discussed the future of Artificial Intelligence and robotics.

Finally, it’s worth noting that you can also meet Musk at some charitable events he occasionally visits. For example, he was a speaker at the Breakthrough Prize awards ceremony in Dec 2018 which was held in Silicon Valley. There he discussed the importance of breakthrough research and development to the future of humanity.

Social Media

Apart from traditional face-to-face meetings, Musk is also one of the most followed people on social media platforms. On Twitter, for instance, his account has over 30 million followers. Using this platform you can try to communicate directly with Musk or propose a project or idea you think it may interest him.

Another good idea is to try and situate yourself into Musk’s circles of friends. He hangs out with tech entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers so by attending events organized by them, you might be able to come into contact with Elon and discuss topics of mutual interest.

Online Media

Likewise, you can also try writing a blog post, article or even a research paper in the field of tech, engineering or any topic of interest to Musk. And if it is of high-quality, it’s very likely that Musk and his team will come across it and contact you. There are several topics that are of great interest to Musk, like Artificial Intelligence, Space travel, and building sustainable cities, so writing something thought-provoking in any of these topics may just do the trick.

Bear in mind, however, that it’s very unlikely that Musk will personally respond to your attempts of communicating, so don’t take it personally if he doesn’t. If he does, then you’ll likely be asked to meet up in person to discuss the idea further and prep for an eventual presentation.

Contacting the Right People

Another way to meet Musk is simply by reaching out to the people around him who are responsible for scheduling and organizing his daily agenda. You can try contacting them through social media platforms, emails or by walking up to the Tesla headquarters. However, bear in mind that you will only get to meet the tech mogul if he likes your idea and sees potential in it. Otherwise, your request won’t even be considered.

The same goes if you wish to contact him via email or any other messaging service. His personal assistant will sort out all the mail and decide which are relevant and which aren’t. So, while you don’t necessarily have to have an idea fit for Mars colonization to pique his interest, you do need to make sure your proposal is both eye-catching and notably valuable.

Speaker Events

Finally, attending conferences and seminars around the world is another excellent way to meet Musk. He often travels to tech conferences, such as the AllThingsDigital Conference or the South by Southwest festival. This gives you an opportunity to get up close and personal and network with some of the world’s most influential entrepreneurs and tech visionaries.

In conclusion, while meeting Elon Musk may be a difficult task, with a little bit of persistence and the right attitude, it’s certainly not impossible. By attending exclusive events and seminars around the world, and by keeping an eye on the announcements and events calendar, you can pursue your dreams of meeting this tech mogul and maybe even live to tell the tale.

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