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Elon Musk is a South African-born entrepreneur, technologist and engineer who has been at the forefront of many groundbreaking businesses and innovations. From his success with PayPal, Tesla, SolarCity, and SpaceX, Musk is one of the most influential figures in the technology industry, often crediting himself with redefining what has been possible. With his expansive portfolio of ambitious startups, it is not surprising that he is never alone in his success. Musk employs and surrounds himself with various representatives and lawyers to ensure the success of himself and his projects. Who represents Elon Musk?

Law Firm Representation

The primary legal firm representing Musk is Latham & Watkins, a Los Angeles law firm that was founded in 1934 and is one of the largest in the world. Latham & Watkins has been providing legal assistance to many of Musk’s companies, including SpaceX, Tesla and SolarCity. The firm offers financial and business advice and assistance by utilizing lawyers trained in intellectual property law, banking, capital markets and sustainability.

Public Relations Teams

Musk also has a savvy public relations team made up of several organizations. Simko & Associates, Inc. serves as a main publicist for Musk and is managed by Leslie Simko, a former journalist at Reuters and the Associated Press. Simko & Associates offers various public relations services like crisis management, reputation building, brand development, and press releases for Musk.
Musk also has a high-profile PR team that consists of Holly Kortright and Molly Stang who, in 2019, formed the spin-off firm NKPR, Inc. NKPR, Inc also manages Musk’s public relations, hosting media training sessions and generating press materials.

Financial Advisers

When it comes to managing Musk’s finances, he has several financial advisers and bankers. First, Goldman Sachs handles much of Musk’s venture capital financing, including any stocks and bonds, investments, mergers and acquisitions and venture capital. Goldman Sachs is committed to helping Musk achieve his financial goals, both short-term and long-term.
Next, Musk has turned to major venture capitalist E. Lawrence Poston, Jr. of the prestigious boutique venture firm Venrock. Venrock has been a long-time supporter of Musk’s various projects—from SpaceX to Tesla—and is trusted by Musk for its reliable financial advice.
Finally, there is Joe Shalan, a former executive at Goldman Sachs, who serves as Musk’s personal financial adviser. Shalan provides Musk with private investment advice and support when it comes to financial matters, from trading stocks and bonds to structuring deals.

Personal Representation

In addition to law firms, financial advisers and PR teams, Musk relies on an impressive network of people he trusts for personal advice. First is Uma Srinivasan, an entrepreneur at RocKnowledge, who serves as a mentor, confidante, and sounding board for Musk. Srinivasan has been a trusted friend of Musk’s since their first meeting in 2005.
Another close friend of Musk’s is Warren East, a former CEO of Rolls Royce and current Chairman of the Board at SpaceX. East acts as a mentor and advisor to Musk, helping the entrepreneur develop sound business strategies and plans for the future.
Last, Musk is also known to have a strong relationship with Gwynne Shotwell, the President and Chief Operating Officer of SpaceX. Shotwell is considered a “trusted right-hand” to Musk, providing guidance and advice when needed.


Elon Musk has also been able to achieve astonishing success due to the support of key investors. Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon, is one of Musk’s largest and most dedicated investors. Bezos is a prominent shareholder of both Tesla and SpaceX and has shown increasing interest in the projects of Musk.
Another major investor in Musk’s ventures is Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund. In addition to their highly-publicized investments in Tesla and SpaceX, Saudi Arabia has contributed to many of Musk’s initiatives, such as his solar/battery project in South Australia and his Hyperloop transportation system.
Of course, there are many other investors—large and small—contributing to Musk’s success, including venture capital firms like Khosla Ventures and Google Ventures.

Advocate Groups

Though not necessarily representing him directly, various organizations and advocacy groups help provide support to Musk’s initiatives and projects. In the area of sustainability, Musk is supported by The Climate Group, a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting the effects of climate change.
Musk is also aided by the Musk Foundation, a charity organization devoted to providing support to renewable energy programs, advancements in science and engineering, and providing healthcare and education to those in need. The Musk Foundation has supported medical organizations, education programs, and international clean energy initiatives, making it an invaluable supporter of Musk’s projects.

Political Influencers

Musk’s mission to revolutionize the automobile and energy industry has caught the attention of political leaders across the globe. For example, many European countries are supportive of Musk’s Tesla electric vehicles, offering generous incentives to anyone who chooses to purchase one.
In the US, there has been a lot of support from federal and local officials and legislatures, many of whom are supporting Tesla’s growth by offering tax credits for EV purchases and tax breaks for Tesla’s new plants.
Political support for Musk and his companies is also strong in Asia, with countries like South Korea and China offering tax benefits and offering to devote resources to developing Tesla’s projects.

Social Media Influencers

In addition to major investors, political leaders and advocacy groups, Musk is also backed by social media influencers. He is a popular figure on Twitter, sharing his latest thoughts, projects and achievements with millions of followers. He is also active on Instagram, sharing personal photos and messages.
This influence has enabled Musk to build strong relationships with influencers in other industries, such as Hollywood and sports. For example, he has close ties with artist Grimes and NBA star Russell Westbrook. All of this has added to Musk’s public appeal and visibility, allowing him to recruit even more influential people to join his inner circle.

Closing Statements

As evidenced above, Elon Musk has achieved success due to the encompassing support of a highly competent and reliable team. From legal representation to public relations teams to personal advisers, Musk has assembled the pieces necessary for creating and expanding his vision. As he continues to make history, one thing is for certain—Musk is never doing it alone.

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