Why Is Elon Musk Selling Flamethrowers


Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of Tesla, SpaceX, and the Boring Company, recently made headlines with an unconventional product offering: the sale of a flamethrower. The flamethrower, named “Not A Flamethrower”, is an incendiary device that shoots out a flame of up to 2 feet in length. The flamethrower started being sold in June 2018, with two thousand units already pre-ordered in a matter of days.
The sale of the Not A Flamethrower was widely covered by the media, igniting debate on social media about the sale and Musk’s rationale behind it. Critics argued that flamethrowers have no practical use and will only be used by criminals. Supporters of Musk argued that the flamethrower was more of a fun novelty item and said the sale was intended to take away market share from black market sellers of flamethrowers.

Musk’s Aim

Musk is known for his out-of-the-box thinking and creative marketing tactics. He realizes that the flamethrower sale will make him a target of criticism especially in light of the on-going gun control debate, however this doesn’t seem to dissuade him.
In fact, Musk appears to be embracing the controversy that comes with selling the flamethrower. He pointed out that flamethrowers are not categorized as firearms and therefore don’t require a license to purchase or own in California. Musk commented that he wanted to take away business from illegal flamethrower dealers and to provide people with a safer, legal version of the device.
According to Musk, the flamethrower is intended as a “super soaker-like” alternative to traditional inflator-type tool that’s not meant to be used as a weapon. It can be used for construction and repair, back yard wick tasks, or for household chores such as roasting marshmallows and controlling garden pests.

Projections of Sales

The Boring Company has sold out all its pre-order units in a matter of days and has halted production on the flamethrower due to safety concerns.
Market analysts expect the Not A Flamethrower to achieve high revenues due to its cult status. Although the flamethrower is priced at $500, analysts say that it could generate up to $7 million in revenue over the course of its life. The shocking demand for the Not A Flamethrower implies that the product has created a unique market that was not tapped before by Musk or other flamethrower distributors.

Safety Concerns

The Not A Flamethrower is a formidable device and can cause damages if mishandled.
In order to ensure safety of the public, The Boring Company has sold the flamethrower with a mandatory safety manual that comes with the product. According to the safety manual, the flamethrower must be operated outdoors away from combustible materials and can only be used after extensive safety training.
Despite the safety measures, some people have expressed their concerns about the flamethrower being misused. They argue that the device can be used for malicious purposes, such as arson or vandalism.

Musk’s Defiance

Musk’s promotion of flamethrower sales have been met by some stern criticism, including from California’s Assemblymember Miguel Santiago. Santiago proposed a bill in California to prohibit the sale, production, importation and advertising of flamethrowers in the state.
In response to Santiago’s proposed bill, Musk said that the flamethrower was “just a joke”, but his defiance didn’t stop there. He also said that if Santiago succeeded in passing the bill, he would rename the flamethrower the “Temperature Enhancer”.


Elon Musk’s move to sell Not A Flamethrower has received widespread attention in both the media and the public. Critics condemn the sale of the flamethrower, citing safety concerns and the fact that it has no practical purpose.
However, Musk’s creative marketing tactics and successful exploitation of the controvery created by the sale has resonated with the public. He successfully generated hype through his witty remarks and altered the public’s perception of the flamethrower from that of a dangerous weapon to one of a fun novelty item.
The overwhelming demand for the flamethrower confirms that it has found a unique market that was not tapped before by other flamethrower distributors. Market analysts expect the device to generate a substantial revenue for the Boring Company.

Environmental Impact

The Not A Flamethrower produces more combustion byproducts than other traditional tools and, consequently, has a larger environmental impact.
The majority of flamethrower emissions consist of carbon dioxide which is a potent greenhouse gas and a major driver of climate change. The flamethrower also emits small amounts of potentially toxic substances such as nitrogen oxides and particulate matter which can be harmful to the environment and human health.
The flamethrower’s environmental impact becomes even more significant when taking into account the large number of flamethrowers that have been sold or pre-ordered by the Boring Company.

Regulations on Flamethrowers

Although the Not A Flamethrower is not considered a firearm, it is still regulated by law in many states. Currently, 8 US states including California and Massachusetts have enacted laws banning or restricting the sale or use of flamethrowers.
In addition to state law, flamethrowers are regulated federally by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). According to the CPSC, flamethrowers must be labeled as “dangerous” and must come with instructions on proper use and storage.
In light of the ongoing gun control debate, cities and states may continue to impose stricter regulations on flamethrowers in order to protect public safety.

Social Media Reactions

Social media reactions to the Not A Flamethrower have been polarized. Many people have expressed their approval of the creative marketing tactics employed by Musk, while others have expressed their disapproval of the sale of the flamethrower itself.
Positive reactions tend to focus on the novelty of the device and Musk’s clever response to criticisms regarding the sale. Negative reactions, on the other hand, center around the potential danger posed by misuse of the flamethrower.
The number of reactions to the sale of the Not A Flamethrower demonstrates its power as a pop-culture phenomenon. It has certainly caused an uproar from both sides of the debate, but it also draws attention to the fact that the device may have a place in the market for those who are willing to take the proper safety precautions.

Public Perception

Despite the criticism, the Not A Flamethrower has become the world’s most talked about device since its launch. It has garnered interest from potential buyers and forced the public to confront the mixed comments and criticism that come with it.
Overall, the public appears to have taken Musk’s “Not A Flamethrower” as a blank canvas of ironic humor, a reflection of his unique style and a show of defiance towards his critics.

Business Impact

The overwhelming response to the Not A Flamethrower has been a boon for the Boring Company, as the device has generated substantial revenue for the company. The success of the flamethrower could also pave the way for future products from the Boring Company.
It has demonstrated that creative marketing can be an effective tool for attracting positive attention and establishing a product in the market, even when the product has been met by criticism.
The Not A Flamethrower has become one of the most talked about products and has also become a symbol of Musk’s larger brand—a brand of creative marketing and risky, attention-grabbing tactics.

Global Impact

The success of the Not A Flamethrower could inspire other entrepreneurs to create daring or unconventional products. It could also spur the creation of a new category of products that combine novelty and practicality, such as the Not A Flamethrower’s lighter, the Boring Company’s Propane Boy.
The sale of the Not A Flamethrower may also compel other states to enact stricter regulations regarding the sale and use of flamethrowers. This could result in greater scrutiny of these products on a global scale and serve as a deterrent for their sale outside of the US.
Despite criticism, Elon Musk has created a novel product and successfully expanded the market for flamethrowers. The Not A Flamethrower has become one of the most talked about and profitable products of 2018 and the success of this product could inspire the creation of similar products in the future.

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